Rundown: Best phones to use during night out

August 30, 2022 - 6:34 PM
Compisite photo shows Oppo Reno 8 5g, Samsung Note 20, Google pixel 5 (Oppo/Released; Samsung/Released; Google/Released)

Memorable moments with friends mostly happen at night—from sleepovers, watching a movie, late-night drives, or bar hopping.

Capturing these moments together is sometimes difficult due to poor lighting, but the good news is you could level up your photos with these phones boasting their night portrait mode feature.  

Oppo Reno 8 5G

Oppo Reno 8 5G (Oppo/Released)

The OPPO Reno8 5G has dual Sony Flagship sensors. 

Its front camera is packed with the Sony IMX709 32MP sensor, integrated with a self-developed RGBW color array. This feature provides 60 percent more light than regular RGB lenses.

Meanwhile, its rear camera boasts a Sony IMX766 50MP sensor. It supports a 1/1.56-inch large sensor, which allows more light for better imaging. 

Both cameras feature a hardware-level digital overlap high dynamic range (DOL-HDR) to deliver the right balance of brightness and shadow to users’ night portraits.

Aside from the night portrait mode, the device also has an ultra night video feature which helps improve overall image brightness, details in dark areas, and image quality in dimly lit environments while reproducing colors and minimizing image noise.

iPhone 13 Pro


iPhone 13 Pro Max (Apple/Released)

The iPhone 13 technology automatically activates the night mode feature when it detects a low light environment. 

LiDAR Scanner enables night mode portraits. The portrait mode also has advanced bokeh and depth control.

Users could enjoy great photography with the telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide cameras available in the iPhone’s pro series. 

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 (Google/Released)

Another night portrait photography option is Google Pixel 5, dubbed the Night Sight. 

The portrait mode feature of the Google device allows users to take sharp and bright photos with natural-looking blurred backgrounds, even in low-light environments. 

The phone’s primary camera is 12.2 megapixels, while its ultra-wide lens is 16 megapixels.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Note 20 (Samsung/Released)

Like the iPhone 13 Pro, the Note 20 Ultra features a triple-lens rear camera setup. What sets it apart from its competitor is its 108 megapixels camera. 

Given this feature, the phone could produce better color saturation and detail compared with other Samsung devices. 

Users could also enjoy the freedom to adjust camera settings when taking photos at night.