‘Kumot ni lola’: Sassa Gurl used a familiar fabric in dress for ball

September 1, 2022 - 2:54 PM
Composite photo of internet star Sassa Gurl and a blanket (Instagram, Facebook/Sassa Gurl, Batang Pinoy - Ngayon at Noon)

“Kinumot natin sila.”

This was how social media personality Sassa Gurl described her floral print dress with pointed sleeves during the Preview Ball 2022 on Wednesday night, August 31.

The TikTok star was among the personalities in Preview’s first-ever “50 Most Influential List 2022,” which was also unveiled on the same day.

Honoring the achievements of these figures was among the highlights of the event.

Of those who attended, Sassa Gurl, who initially gained fame for her funny, relatable content on TikTok, was among those who made a buzz online for her outfit.

She wore a pink floral print dress with high-pointed sleeves. The design of the fabric was the eye-catching part.

Some of Sassa Gurl’s fans noted that the design resembled the sleeping blankets and curtains they have at home.

In the comments section, they quipped that Sassa Gurl supposedly stole their curtains and blankets.

“Mima balik mo kumot namin,” one Facebook user quipped.

“Kumot ni lola!! Haha love it!” another user commented.

“Sassa, ibalik mo yung kurtina namin hinahanap na yan ni mama,” a Facebook user joked.

Other online users showered Sassa Gurl with gratitude and applause for this concept.

“Love it. Ganyan karamihan sa batang gay. Ginagamit ang kumot, towel, kurtina, etc. Ginagawang gown. Yun siguro concept niya,” one Facebook user said.

“I say iconic. Every kid who played bahay-bahayan or even aspired to become a beauty queen, model, or a fairy used that kumot (especially that kumot design) for our gowns and other outfits. Ang nostalgic mami,” another Twitter user commented.

Amid the online buzz, Sassa Gurl tweeted the inspiration for her look.

She juxtaposed her photo as a child wearing a blanket for her dress with a photo of herself during the ball. The latter photo was from Inquirer.net’s post about the star-studded event.

“Inspiration of the look: Miss Gay Lotto,” Sassa Gurl said with the hashtag #PreviewBall2022.

“Kinumot natin sila,” she added.

In an interview with Inquirer.net, Sassa Gurl also explained that her outfit was inspired by her fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community who used to strut their “Miss Gay” personalities in their bedrooms.

“This outfit is inspired sa mga bakla, baklang kanal na nag Miss Gay sa kanilang mga kwarto. And ayun nga, mga nakshie andito na tayo. Di ito peke peke lang. So ayun, I love you all,” she said.

Aside from being part of its most influential roster, Preview also chose Sassa Gurl as among its most creative looks in the evening.

The fashion magazine’s description of her is as follows:

“Sassa knows how to deliver a high-impact look. She showed up perfectly on-theme with a floral print frock, which features pointed sleeves. If the fabric looks familiar, that’s because she literally drew inspiration from the sleeping blankets almost all our grandmothers and their mothers had at home. LOL! Her tresses, tied in a high ponytail, perfectly framed her iridescent makeup look.”

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