‘Undying love for country’: Brother pays tribute to slain journalist Percy Lapid

October 5, 2022 - 5:44 PM
Roy and Percy Mabasa
Roy and Percy Mabasa in this photo shared by Roy on his Facebook on Oct. 4, 2022. (Facebook/roymabasa)

The brother of slain veteran broadcaster Percival “Percy” Mabasa, more known as Percy Lapid, shared his last memory of the radio commentator who was killed before reporting to work last Monday.

Roy Mabasa, also a journalist and former president of the National Press Club, posted a photo of him with his brother on social media and shared that it was his last personal encounter with Percy.

“THIS was the last [photo] we had together during my post-birthday celebration about two weeks ago in Pasig,” Roy wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

“My brother Percy, known to his thousands of loyal listeners all over the world as Percy Lapid, was ambushed last night while on his way to the studio where he broadcast his Lapid Fire program,” he added.

“He was a great family man, loving father to his children, and a dedicated husband to his wife, Liza. I will always remember my brother for his deep faith in God and his undying love for his country. #MagandangGabiKaPercy,” Roy continued.

Roy also shared another tribute on Twitter, where he used the hashtag “#JusticeForPercyLapid.”

“LAST time I saw my brother #PercyLapid alive in person was about 2 [two] weeks ago. Percy was ambushed Monday night while on his way to his #lapidfire studio in Las Piñas. I’ll always remember him for his deep faith in God [and] his undying love for his country. #JusticeForPercyLapid,” he wrote.

Percy was gunned down by motor-riding assailants along Aria Street in Barangay Talon Dos in Las Piñas City on October 3.

He hosted a radio news commentary show “Lapid Fire” on DWBL 1242 where he shared his commentaries on political and social issues.

Percy was a staunch fighter of fake news and a vocal critic of government irregularities, calling out public officials on his radio show.

Among the personalities he criticized include Justice Secretary Boying Remulla, former press secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles, former executive secretary Vic Rodriguez and former president Rodrigo Duterte, among others.

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Percy’s killing was widely condemned by Filipinos, especially his fellow journalists who said that it showed how “dangerous” the profession remains in the country.

“That the incident took place in Metro Manila indicates how brazen the perpetrators were, and how authorities have failed to protect journalists as well as ordinary citizens from harm,” the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines said.

The broadcaster’s family also demanded that his “cowardly assassins” be brought to justice for the “deplorable crime.”

“It was committed not only against Percy, his family, and his profession, but against our country, his beloved Philippines, and the truth,” they said.

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Percy is the second journalist killed under the Marcos administration.

The first one was radio broadcaster Rey Blanco who was stabbed to death in Negros Oriental last month.

Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Hubert Guevara said that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. was “concerned” about the killing.

Guevara was ordered to take a look into the conduct of the investigation into the killing of Percy.

The Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation and the Commission on Human Rights are conducting their own investigations into the fatal shooting.

Lawyer Alexander Lopez, son of former Manila mayor Gemiliano “Mel” Lopez, also offered a one-million reward to anyone who could provide vital information that would lead to the arrest of Percy’s murderers.