Concert organizer pens open letter to fans of K-pop, P-pop acts performing at ‘Popstival 2022’

October 12, 2022 - 10:41 AM
Popstival 2022 concert poster (Facebook/Neuwave Events and Productions)

“We would like to appeal to our beloved fans to refrain from creating discussions that would put the event in a bad light.”

Neuwave Events and Productions, an entertainment company, expressed this in an open letter to the fans of groups and artists who will perform at the upcoming “Popstival 2022” on October 21.

The “Popstival” is a big music festival where P-pop acts and K-pop acts will perform onstage in front of audiences in the Philippines.

It will be held at the SMDC Festival Grounds in Pasay City.

The anticipated gathering of Filipino and Korean artists, however, triggered a brewing word war among their fans.

In its open letter on October 10, the organizer urged the fans to avoid this situation ahead of the event.

“With the heat of the event starting to reach its all-time high and emotions beginning to cause unnecessary clamor, we would like to appeal to our beloved fans to refrain from creating discussions that would put the event in a bad light,” Neuwave said.

“POPSTIVAL is an avenue to celebrate the richness of culture and music intertwined. A place where to celebrate their (K-pop and P-pop artists) talents, giftedness and above all, the friendship between them that will be the highlighted in this event,” it added.

Neuwave also stressed that it aims to celebrate the talents and cultures of Filipinos and Koreans, and not to “appear as a collision between two music genres and different fandoms.”

“We should recognize such a history instead of spreading hate or spurring issues that might lead to conflict. Let us enjoy and welcome everyone with our Filipino warmth and celebrate the best of the two worlds of Pop music, a culture that is worth celebrating!” it said.

“Again, whether you’re a K-pop or P-pop fan, this show is for you. For the love of music and for our idols, let us unite and set aside our differences,” the organizer added.

“See you all at the SMDC Festival Grounds on October 21, 2022. Thank you!” it concluded.

The “Popstival” promises a “K-pop meets P-pop” music experience for Filipino fans, according to its social media posts.

The following are the Filipino acts in the lineup:

  • Calista
  • Vxon
  • Bini
  • Felip of SB19
  • G22
  • Alamat
  • Press Hit Play

The following are the Korean acts in the lineup:

  • Loona
  • Viviz
  • Park Bom
  • Be’O
  • Hyolyn
  • Brave Girls