Pinoys think BINI is breaking the OPM ‘hugot’ music rut

April 11, 2024 - 6:35 PM

Breakout girl group BINI’s latest track “Salamin, Salamin” recently topped Spotify Philippines’ Viral Songs chart — and their rapidly growing monthly listeners now sit at 2.3 million.

With their singalong and upbeat songs like their summer anthem “Pantropiko”, BINI is making heads bop and hips swing across the nation and even abroad

Many are celebrating this whiff of fresh air, calling it a break from lovesick blues that dominate Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

“Pinoys have been craving for that bubblegum pop serotonin in a sea of hugot music for the longest time. We love you BINI for serving that. Deserve naman pala sumaya,” wrote one Filipino on X (formerly Twitter).

This post garnered 20,000 likes and numerous replies sharing the same sentiment.

An X user even replied, “Out of the ballad trenches. I prayed for times like these.”

Bubblegum pop was described as Masterclass as a song with its catchy lyrics and cheerful tunes mostly catered to the youth. Its subject matter revolves usually but not exclusively around topics such as girlhood and puppy love.

While there is no shortage of talent in Pilipino Pop (P-Pop), it has been a while since a local sing-and-dance girl group made big waves in this arena. 

One notable attempt of producers at this was the five-piece ensemble Pop Girls where Nadine Lustre hailed from.

They released an English track “Crazy Crazy” in 2013 which became a hit, before the group eventually disbanded in 2017. 

That year was also when acoustic, indie, rock and R&B bands and soloists dominated the industry and churned out music for the “sawi.”

While there is no “us vs them” battle between genres, diversity does sound good for the state of OPM, according to netizens.

BINI is holding their first-ever concert on June 28, 29 and 30 at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City.

Star Music announced that tickets for all three days of “BINIverse” were sold out in less than two hours.

The group, composed of Mikha, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Jhoanna and Sheena was formed by Star Hunt Academy and debuted in 2021.