‘Min Yoongi’s impact’: Bar exam question features BTS

November 14, 2022 - 11:53 AM
Photo shows the facade of the Supreme Court and BTS member Min Yoongi (Philstar.com/File; agustd/Instagram)

Kpop idol Min Yoongi, also known as Suga, and his group BTS were included in one of the questions in the second leg of the Bar examinations on Sunday, November 13. 

Question number 6 of the commercial law exam read:

“Yoongi, a director of BTS Corp. PH, bought substantial shares of its major supplier, Hybe, Inc. When Hybe, Inc.’s contracts were taken up by the BTS Corp. PH Board, Yoongi not only voted for their approval but influenced other directors to do so. Later, the Hybe, Inc. contracts turned out to be disadvantageous to BTS Corp. PH and caused it substantial losses. 

Discuss the action/s that may be pursued against Yoongi under the Revised Corporation Code. Explain briefly.”

This question featuring Yoongi and BTS made Kpop fans ecstatic. 

“Still trying to wrap my head about it. It’s not just an exam from a school. It’s a BAR EXAM. A country’s bar exam. Min Yoongi’s impact lol,” a Twitter user said

“Easier to visualize the problem if my Kpop bias is involved. More!!” a social media user said

“Case dismissed on account of Yoongi’s incandescent smile having turned everyone present at the proceedings to mush,” an online user jokingly wrote

“There is literally no way the person who wrote this isn’t so deep in army lore that they know about ‘I will sue you Min Yoongi.’ no way,” a Twitter user said

The Twitter user refers to a 2014 incident at a fan event when a fan jokingly threatened to sue the Korean rapper for looking attractive. 

“The examiner is a Yoongi biased. I need to be bffs with them,” a social media user speculated

“The ‘I will sue you Min Yoongi’ has escalated to a whole new level,” a Twitter user said

“I feel na tama talaga training ko sa mga students ko in making Kpop idols the characters in my exams HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,” University of Santo Tomas law professor Kenneth Manuel said

Last October, the Kpop group announced that they will go off on mandatory military service. 

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Meanwhile, over 9,000 law graduates are taking the Bar exams.

The third and final day of the Bar exams is scheduled on November 16 and 20, respectively. The onsite exams are held in 14 testing centers across the country, with five of them in Metro Manila.

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