‘Walang magpapasko sa pamilyang ito’: How Filipinos reacted to price hike of Noche Buena items

November 23, 2022 - 5:50 PM
Photo shows Trade and Industry employee checking the prices of queso de bola sold at a supermarket in Mandaluyong City and Maricel Soriano in the movie " Filipinas" (The Philippine STAR/Michael Varcas; Cinema Bravo/Twitter; Artwork by Interaksyon/James Patrick Cruz)

“Walang magpapasko sa pamilyang ito.”

This was what some Filipinos online aired after learning about the prices of Noche Buena items. 

On Wednesday, November 23, the Department of Trade and Industry recorded price hikes in at least 12 items commonly present in the holiday table. 

These include ham, fruit cocktail, cheese, keso de bola, mayonnaise, sandwich spread, pasta, elbow macaroni, salad macaroni, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce and all-purpose cream.

Ham costs P163 to P892.50 compared to last year’s P158 to P862 price range.

From around P55 to P255 last year, the fruit cocktail is now priced at P56 to P288. 

The price of cheese also increased. Given the P3 to P21 increase in the price of cheese, it is now P54.35 to P371. 

Meanwhile, keso de bola costs 199.50 to P513.75. 

Mayonnaise sells between P24 to P234.15, while sandwich spread costs P26 to P252. 

Pasta prices range from P19 to P92.50 compared to last year’s P25.50 to P111. 

Elbow and salad macaroni cost P23 to P119 and P39 to P117, respectively. 

Spaghetti sauce sells at P23.55 to P95, compared to last year’s P22 to P85.90. 

From P13.85 to P80.55 last year, tomato sauce costs P17.25 to P92.25. 

On the other hand, creamer or all-purpose cream prices increased by P3 to P16. It sells from P63 to P75. 

How public reacted

Filipinos used humor in response to the price increase in Noche Buena items. 

“Bago pa ko magtanim ng ham, fruit cocktail, cheese, etc. nakapagtanim na ko ng sama ng loob,” a social media user jokingly wrote

“Walang magpapasko sa pamilyang to,” a Twitter user wrote in jest.

“Matulog na lang tayo,” a Facebook user joked.  

“Haha hindi na Merry ang Christmas,” a social media user said

“Thoughts and prayers for Christmas and Noche Buena,” a Twitter user joked

“I guess magtrabaho na lang tayong lahat sa holidays hahaha,” an online user said in jest. 

Others said that Noche Buena is no longer that important given the high prices of commodities. 

“Hindi na importante ang noche Buena,dahil sa mahal ng bilihin ngayon. Ang importante may makakain sa araw araw,” a Facebook user said

“‘Di naman kailangan ang mga yan….wala ngang pambili ng NFA Rice,” a social media user said

In a news report, the DTI Consumer Protection and Advocacy Bureau said that the agency does not regulate or approve prices of Noche Buena products, unlike basic necessities and prime commodities included in the Suggested Retail Price bulletin as mandated by the Price Act.