‘Cash only’: Dutch content creator air frustration vs lack of card payment options

November 28, 2022 - 6:34 PM
Photo shows Dutch travel content creator Tom showing his experience at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Screengrab from traveltomtom/TikTok)

A Dutch travel content creator expressed frustration over the unavailability of stores accepting card payments at an airport in Manila, Philippines. 

Feeling hungry after a six-hour flight from Papua New Guinea, Tom shared his airport experience on TikTok. 

“We’re hungry so we want to eat but ‘cash only,'” the content creator said while pointing to a sign in the store that reads “cash only.”

The content creator also showed several food stalls and cafes at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2 that only accept cash. 

@traveltomtom Think twice before transfering through #manila in the #philippines on a #philippineairlines flight! No cash = no food: I am officially HANGRY! 😬 #airportlife #philippinestiktok #tiktokphilippines ♬ original sound – Traveltomtom

He also said that the ATM, which could have been used to withdraw cash, was “temporarily closed.” 

“So you think you go to ATM to get cash, it says ‘I’m sorry, I’m temporarily closed.’ So this is the only ATM to get cash, so how to get something here, Philippine Airlines” he said. 

The foreign tourist said that it is “ironic” that the only store that accepts card payments is a liquor shop. 

“Think twice before transferring through #manila in the #philippines on a #philippineairlines flight! No cash = no food: I am officially HANGRY!” he wrote on TikTok. 

Tom’s video has garnered over 802,000 views, 21,600 likes, and 4,153 comments so far.

Prior to this, SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua Hong shared the inconvenience he experienced because of the unavailability of card payment options in the stores and taxis when he visited the country with his mom last September. 

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“I’m not saying that Manila is a bad place to travel. I’m just sharing my own experience, and that is what sort of thing that could happen to you if you go on a trip without making any plans in advance. Always make plans first! Make sure to take cash with you, especially when you’re traveling to a South East Asian country as well,” the Kpop idol said. 

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Recently, NAIA was named as the third “most stressful airport in Asia and Oceania, based on the data collected by travel blog, the Hawaiian Islands. 

The blog analyzed 1,500 Google reviews for 500 airports worldwide.

Based on their findings, 58% of passengers said they experienced stress while passing through the Philippine gateway.

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