Before casket, there was Cadillac hearse raffle prize, forensic expert remembered

December 8, 2022 - 1:51 PM
PMA Christmas raffle
Screengrab of the Philippine Mortuary Association's Christmas party raffle event from Tita Kei's TikTok and shared on The Philippine STAR's Facebook on Dec. 4, 2022 (Facebook/PhilippineSTAR via TikTok/titakeii)

A forensic expert chimed in on the discussion regarding the viral Christmas party video where employees were given caskets in a raffle event.

Forensic pathologist Raquel Fortun on Wednesday responded to a tweet about the Philippine Mortuary Association (PMA) giving out polished caskets at its party held on December 2.

“Years ago, I was a guest speaker and their raffle prize was a black Cadillac hearse,” she tweeted.

A hearse is a vehicle used to carry a body in a coffin to its burial place.

A Cadillac, meanwhile, is an automobile brand that builds high-end vehicles.

It established itself as America’s top luxury carmaker in the early 1900s since it was at the forefront of technological advances.

Fortun said that when she attended the organization’s Christmas party raffle at that time, she “so wanted to join.” She also shared how she imagined herself driving the Cadillac hearse to the University of the Philippines-Manila, where she works.

Meanwhile, the viral video where a casket was raffled off for Christmas attendees was talked about online early this week.

Events host Tita Kei shared it on her TikTok account over the weekend.

“Hindi lang appliances ang pwedeng i-raffle!!! Sino kaya ang mag-uuwi ng ataul?!!!” the caption read.

@titakeii Hindi lang Appliances ang pwedeng iraffle!!! Sino kaya ang mag uuwi ng Ataul?!!! #pma #xmasparty #fypシ #foryou #mortuary ♬ original sound – Tita Kei

The video has since earned over 330,400 plays and more than 8,600 heart reactions on the mobile video platform so far.

Tita Kei said that the organization raffled off nine caskets, 20 marble urns and formaline.

She added that appliances were also in the raffle pool, but the main prizes were the caskets, urns and formaline.

“Super saya po ng experience dahil first time po ito na ang ipina-raffle is ataul,” the content creator told The Philippine STAR.

“Lahat po ng nakatanggap is super happy. Lalo na po ’yung grand prize na ataul, from Batesville na napakamahal,” Tita Kei added.

According to the report, the prices of Batesville caskets range from P44,000 to P2 million.

The organization said that it has been giving away caskets in its raffle events for years.

PMA spokesperson Jordan Miranda said that those receiving such prizes seem “really, really happy” because “it would help their business.”