Pizza restaurant chain confirms mojos shortage. Here’s what you can order instead.

December 22, 2022 - 2:43 PM
Cropped photo of Shakey's mojos from its Facebook post uploaded on December 2021 (Facebook/ShakeysPH)

A pizza restaurant chain addressed concerns about the reported shortage of one of its famous menu items following posts from some patrons.

The Twitter account of Shakey’s Philippines has been answering queries from some Filipinos posting about its lack of mojos or friend potato slices on social media.

“Today I learned, SHAKEY’S DOESN’T HAVE MOJOS ANYMORE????!?!?!?” content creator Lyka “Lykable” Mea tweeted last Tuesday.

Her post has earned 16,000 likes on Twitter.

“Upset to confirm how there are no more mojos from Shakey’s. The value of my Supercard has plummeted,” illustrator and comic book creator Rob Cham tweeted on the same day Lykable shared her experience.

Another Twitter user saw Lykable’s post and quote tweeted: “Noticed this too! Why @PHShakeys?!? Why???”

The pizza restaurant saw this and responded.

“Our Mojos are temporarily unavailable due to global transportation limitations and supply issues with potatoes,” it tweeted.

“As an option, we will be serving Mojos flavored fries if the catering store is experiencing a shortage of their Mojos,” Shakey’s added.

In another Twitter thread, the pizza restaurant said it will keep its patrons “posted” about the matter.

“Thank you for understanding,” it added.

Last month, a food magazine reported that the pizza restaurant faced the same issue.

“We called up Shakey’s via their delivery hotline to order merienda (which, of course, included Mojos) and they said there’s an ongoing Mojos shortage because of their supplier,” said on November 16.

It added that the availability of the beloved menu item at that time depended on the branch.

“If it’s not available, Shakey’s may offer regular fries as a replacement, as this is what happened in our case,” the magazine added.

It also said that patrons can order mojos-flavored fries, which are potato stick-shaped fries coated in the signature coating of its mojos.

At the start of this year, Washington Post reported a growing global shortage of potatoes, saying that it crops up “from time to time because of bad weather, blights or labor disputes.”

Last May, the country’s Department of Agriculture confirmed that there was a global shortage in the processing variety of potatoes.

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Other previously reported shortages in the past months include sardines, salt, garlic, onion and sweet potato.