GCash urges app users to report scammers amid SIM registration

December 29, 2022 - 8:17 PM
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Image by Dean Moriarty via Pixabay

A mobile wallet app urged Pinoys to report scammers taking advantage of the SIM card registration by claiming that their accounts had been restricted and they needed to access a link.

GCash on Thursday said that its users can notify “Gigi,” its digital customer support, if they happen to receive suspicious links, e-mails, or text messages in relation to the SIM Card Registration Act that recently took effect.

“Spotted a scam? I-report to Gigi sa GCash Help Center,” it said on a social media post on December 29.

The app also shared a link that contained details on how users can file a report.

It said that they can visit the official GCash Help Center through this link, chat “Gigi” and type, “I want to report a scam.”

They can also submit a ticket through the Help Center by entering their e-mail address, GCash-registered full name and GCash-registered mobile number. Full details about the reporting can be read on Globe’s website.

“We would like to reiterate our warnings to our users that GCash will never send links via SMS, email, and messaging apps,” Winsley Bangit, GCash chief customer officer, said in a website post.

“We have been receiving reports that some telco subscribers are getting messages that their accounts have been restricted if they don’t pre-register their SIM card,” he added.

“Our users should never click the link provided in these messages and instead check the official channels of their telco providers for the information on how to register their SIM card starting December 27,” Bangit continued.

The mobile wallet app reminded users to only register their SIM cards to their telco providers and not to any unofficial links or entities posing as representatives.

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The reminder came after some Pinoys warned their fellow citizens to be wary of receiving e-mails or messages claiming to be from GCash and telling them their accounts have been temporarily restricted.

The message alleged that they need to “take part” in the sim card pre-registration to supposedly reinstate their GCash wallet functions.

“A warning all GCash users should read,” a Facebook user said, sharing screengrabs of the scam message.

Another Facebook user shared about experiencing the modus.

“Today, I received an email from [a] scammer pretending to be [GCash], I posted the email sent to me, BEWARE! To all my relatives and friends, if you will receive an email about [GCash] sim registration, please do not click it, it’s a SCAM/PHISHING e-mail attack,” he wrote on Wednesday.

A cybersecurity firm also shared tips on how Pinoys can stay safe from breaches and other scams after the government opened the mandatory registration of SIM cards last Tuesday.

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