Volleyball player Jennifer Nierva posts cryptic tweet after alleged cheating of boyfriend, esports star Yawi

January 3, 2023 - 11:54 AM
Composite shows NU volleyball player Jennifer Nierva and esports star Yawi (National University Philippines/Facebook; Yawi Esports/Facebook)

“Let go and let God.”

This is the tweet of National University volleyball player Jennifer Nierva following the alleged cheating of his boyfriend and professional esports player Tristan Cabrera, popularly known as Yawi.

Esports athlete Peter “Basic” Bryce Lozano bared Yawi’s alleged cheating on the first day of the year. 

On Facebook, Basic shared screenshots of messages supposedly sent by Yawi to his girlfriend Caro

In one of the screenshots, Yawi said he wanted to go to Caro’s house and asked for her address. 

He also tried to call the woman but she did not answer. 

“NVM (never mind). For me, you will be a friend of common friends. You are ekiz. For Filipino, you are “x” to me. You love basic and good luck with that,” the esports athlete frustratingly said after Caro missed his voice call. 

A day after the incident, Yawi posted a status on Facebook that reads: “GGWP (Good game, well played)! Lakas niyo boys! ‘Di kayo ekiz sa akin.”  

Following this post, Jennifer tweeted: “The audacity! Nagawa mo pang mag joke ah.”

In an earlier tweet, the volleyball player also asked for a playlist for 2023. 

Content creator Mika Salamanca suggested Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” be included in the list. 

Jeniifer agreed and said: “Ayy parang eto pinakamagandang kanta! I love you (Mika).” 

This single by Beyonce is a song about a woman who dumps her cheating boyfriend.