‘Be brave’: Miss Universe 2022 bets’ statement capes stand for advocacies

January 12, 2023 - 12:37 PM
Composite shows the capes of Bahrain's bet Elvin Khalifa and Alicia Faubel of Spain during the swimsuit competition (Miss Universe/Facebook)

Miss Universe 2022 contestants used their capes to represent their advocacies on Thursday morning (Philippine time) during the swimsuit competition. 

Miss Universe said this is a “new and distinctive element” to the event. 

“The Swimwear Competition is now a vehicle to learn more about who the delegates are and what they want to say,” it said. 

Each contestant was given a “blank canvas” coverup which they will work with a local artist to create an art piece that reflects those things which are important to them. 

“The story each delegate chooses to tell can be personal, national, or international,” Miss Universe added. 

Among the capes with stand out statements are the following:

Bahrain – Cocoon of Women

Photo shows Bahrain’s bet Elvin Khalifa (Miss Universe/Facebook)

Bahrain‘s bet Elvin Khalifa used her cape to call for the representation of Muslim women.

“Arab women should be represented,” the statement on her cape reads. 

 “A Muslin woman can also become Miss Universe,” it added. 

The cloak also features a woman wearing a hijab.  

She said that her cape was inspired by Filipino artist Heart Evangelista, who is known for painting women faces. 

Khalifa has a Muslim father and a Catholic mother which made her feel different. 

“The message she wants to convey through her piece is never to forget the women who came before us, our world’s female heroes who sacrificed their lives,” her bio reads. 

Ukraine – Be Brave Like Ukraine

Photo shows Miss Universe Ukraine 2022 Cape (Miss Universe/Facebook)

The cape of  Viktoria Apanasenko of Ukraine was inspired by the war between her country and Russia. 

It features a picture of Viktoria as a young woman with wings, wearing a Ukrainian wreath and necklace. 

The cape also has a bold statement that reads, “BE BRAVE LIKE UKRAINE.” 

Apanasenko said that she hopes to show the pride, hope and bravery of her country throughout battle against Russia.

“Despite the wounds on her wings, she continues to live, laugh, fly and fight. She hopes to show the pride, hope and bravery of her country throughout their war,” Apanasenko’s bio reads. 

Spain – Cape of Pride

Photo shows Miss Universe Spain 2022 Cape (Miss Universe/Facebook)

The cape of Alicia Faubel of Spain features her country’s flag, a pride flag and a portrait of Miss Universe Spain 2018 Angela Ponce, the first transgender woman to compete in Miss Universe. 

“The design conveys a universe where everyone has the space to be themselves, and shows the women who have changed the course of history to carry out that idea,” Faubel’s bio reads. 

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Uruguay – Simplemente

Photo shows Miss Universe Uruguay 2022 Cape (Miss Universe/Facebook)

Like Spain, Uruguay’s Carla Romero‘s cape features the country’s flag and a pride flag. 

There is also a message written on her cape that reads, “BE BRAVE BE YOURSELF. YOUR SUPERPOWER IS YOUR ATTITUDE.”

The design represents her motto in life: lots of attitude, resilience and love. 

Romero underscored the value of freedom and equal rights for all. 

Venezuela – Kids are Not Your Toys

Photo shows Miss Universe Venezuela 2022 Cape (Miss Universe/Facebook)

“Kids are not toys #StopChild Abuse.”

This was the message of Venezuela representative Amanda Dudamel during the swimsuit competition. 

She drew inspiration from the artwork of children who live in the urban sector of “Las Casitas,” Latin America’s second-largest slum.

“Having a close connection with children has taught her about the importance of having big dreams, which she has incorporated into the cape design as a symbol of her commitment to ensure that they grow free of harm and abuse,” Dudamel’s bio reads. 

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