‘Hi! I am Doggo’: Pet rescue org’s tragic dog story gains buzz

January 30, 2023 - 11:47 AM
Photos of a dog who was reportedly killed in Barangay Lagao in General Santos City (Facebook/Purpaws)

An organization for rescuing pets reported that an armored car ran over and killed a sleeping dog in front of a house in General Santos City.

The dog’s tragic story has been talked about on Facebook since it was posted last Thursday, January 26.

The organization called the People United to Rescue Pets that are Abused, Wasted and Sick (PURPAWS) also accompanied its post with photos of “Doggo” whose story was told by his owner.

In the post, it was stated a Purpaws staff rescued the dog’s body in a sack from another person who was about to make the dog a meal.

The staff quickly secured the body and looked for the dog’s owner. It was at this point that the organization learned about Doggo’s tragic fate.

His tale was also written from a first-person point of view.

“Hi! I am Doggo. I may look familiar to you. I am one of those three or four dogs you often see in Jollibee Lagao waiting for people to give me food, though I already had a meal at home. I live nearby. But today I died. I was killed,” the post reads.

In the post, through the dog’s supposed POV, the organization also asked the public for help to track down the armored car.

“Will you help them? So that I get justice for my death…I was only taking my morning nap, why? What have I done to you people?” the post reads.

Doggo’s story soon blew up on Facebook. It garnered 150,000 reactions, 8,100 comments and 103,000 shares so far.

Of the reactions, 119,000 were crying reactions, 27,000 were angry and 2,000 were likes.

The comments section was also filled with online users calling for justice for the dog.

Some of them, however, pointed out that the owner also has a fault for letting the dog roam outdoors instead of putting him on a leash.

“Mahalin nyo mga aso niyo, alagaan at wag pabayaan sa kalye. Maraming pwedeng mangyari sa kalsada. Sinasadya man o hindi ng mga nakadisgrasya ang huli pa rin na dapat nating questionin ay ang pagiging responsable ng may ari,” one user said.

“Nakakaawa yung aso. Kaso may responsibility din may ari. May batas tayo na dapat nakatali o nakakulong ang aso. Dami na rin namatay at nagalusan sa mga asking gala, I was once a victim. I also have a dog. I make sure Di siya maka wala,” another user commented.

As of writing, there’s no update about this report.

Recap of what happened

The incident reportedly happened at 9 a.m. in front of a store in Barangay Lagao in General Santos City.

Purpaws stated that the dog’s owner witnessed it.

It was described as “an armored car number 3285, colored beige.”

“If I was a person lying on that same spot where I was, do you think the driver of the ARMORED CAR WITH BODY NUMBER 3285 kill me? Just because I was a dog, the driver mercilessly killed me,” the post reads.

“My owner saw what happened and he ran after the armored car, but they did not even apologize,” it added.

The dog’s body was later brought to Pinetown Veterinary Clinic for a necropsy. Here, it was found that Doggo suffered from blood-force trauma after getting hit by the car.

Purpaws noted that the dog has now been buried.

The owner, meanwhile, filed a blotter report to the Traffic Enforcement Unit in the province. This report was then submitted to the Land Transportation Office for review.