GenSan mall promotes blouse used in viral PCSO lotto winner pic

January 19, 2024 - 4:42 PM
Kamiseta blouse
A women's blouse from Kamiseta in this photo posted by the KCC Mall of GenSan on Jan. 19, 2024 (KCCMallGensan/Facebook)

A shopping mall in General Santos City took advantage of the viral edited photo of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office‘s lotto winner by promoting the clothing used to cover the bettor’s real outfit.

The General Santos City branch of KCC Malls on Friday shared a picture of the light blue checkered blouse with frilly sleeves and captioned it with the following:

“Dili man siguro ‘to edited, available man diri sa Kamiseta ang blouse.”

It roughly translates to: “It may not be edited, but the blouse is available here at Kamiseta.”

The shopping mall also used the hashtag “#MoreShops.”

It also wrote the following in the comments section: “Palit ta ani basig ma Lone Bettor pud ta.”

It roughly translates to: “Let’s buy this so we can be a Lone Bettor too.”

The outfit is being sold by Kamiseta, a decades-old local clothing brand for women.

Those who traced the PCSO’s viral photo of its Lotto 6/42 winner drawn on Dec. 28, 2023 also managed to find out the link to the clothing brand’s blouse.

“Pamilyar merch gaming… nice one, PCSO,” a Facebook user said, sharing the link to Kamiseta’s website, which featured pictures of a woman modeling the blouse.

The PCSO on Thursday admitted that its photo of the winner on its Lotto 6/42 game drawn last month was edited for security purposes.

The office reasoned that it edited the outfit of the winner due to supposed past complaints wherein the lucky bettor would still be recognized — despite the face coverings — due to their clothing.

However, the agency stressed that the lotto winner is real.

The PCSO’s edit has since inspired memes from content creator Macoy Dubs and other brands.

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On Friday, the PCSO shared an article on its Facebook page that reported about a Chinese man collecting his lotto winnings “in disguise” to conceal his identity from his family.

Others saw the move as the agency’s attempt to “justify” its reasons for the edited lotto winners’ photos.

Lotteries are among the ways the PCSO raises and provides funds for health programs, medical assistance and charities in the country. Other forms are sweepstakes.