Artist claims he got removed from art show after earning Marcus Adoro’s ire

January 31, 2023 - 7:02 PM
Lui Alcazaren and Marcus Adoro
Image from Lui Alcazaren's Instagram account on Jan. 28, 2023 and Marcus Adoro in this photo from his Instagram on Dec. 6, 2022 (Instagram/luialcazaren and Instagram/marcusadoros) 

Trigger Warning: Contains mentions of domestic abuse, sexual violence and abusive behavior 

Filipino art maker Lui Alcazaren claimed that he was removed from an art show at a gallery despite having a commitment after former Eraserheads guitarist Marcus Adoro allegedly got angry at him.

The text artist on Tuesday tweeted that the musician’s girlfriend is the gallerist for an art show he was supposed to be on.

“I had a 3 [three] month old deal [with] the gallery. Si Gallerist GF, lets Adoro read all DMs [direct messages] + emails sent [to] the gallery. So Adoro saw me [and] my art [and] this abuser threw a tantrum until I was kicked off the show,” Lui claimed on Twitter.

He also shared a more detailed account on his Instagram.

“Ta’s blinock ako ni rocker using the art gallery’s official IG [Instagram] account. Even though I had a 3 [three] month old agreement with the gallery,” Lui wrote.

“Si gallerist, gives him access to the official messages sent to their official IG account. Nagalit sa’kin si idol ih. So he threw a man-sized tantrum until Vintana agreed to block me. I made an artwork for XAF, but no. I was basically out of the show kasi ‘di ako trip ni Macoy. This eraser head with a God Complex, siya ang totoong bossing ng gallery na ‘yun,” he added.


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Vintana is the art gallery in question, while XAF refers to the Xavier Art Fest in which Vintana was an exhibitor.

The art fest was held at a private school in San Juan from January 27 to 29.

Naturopathic doctor Barbara Ruaro, Marcus’ former girlfriend, was among those who commented on Lui’s Instagram post.

“Will never forget the trauma he put me through. Never,” she wrote.

“This man is a psycho,” Lui responded to her with emojis of a shocked face, crying face and enraged face.

“Yes. Abuser. Narcissist. No one’s safe around that man,” Barbara answered.

She also quote tweeted Lui’s post on Twitter with the following: “This is what happens when you give abusers a platform.”

Vintana and Marcus have not yet issued a statement about Lui’s allegations.

Abuse allegations 

Meanwhile, the former Eraserheads member previously caught headlines when the OPM band staged a reunion concert last December.

Marcus’ presence was questioned by Filipinos who recalled the abuse allegations against him by Barbara and his daughter, Syd Hartha.

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Barbara previously claimed of suffering physical cuts and bruises, as well as “almost a year of psychological manipulation,” from the musician.

She also implied to have suffered from “psychological, verbal, and sexual abuse” as well.

Syd, on the other hand, claimed that Marcus has hit her head against the wall, even in the presence of her friends, before. She also alleged he told her she would be raped.

Ely Buendia‘s manager, Maria Diane Ventura, previously said that the former Eraserheads vocalist had agreed to be on board with the reunion concert before if Marcus would “resolve his issues.”

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Months before the reunion concert, Marcus penned an open letter to Syd in which he said that he has “lost contact” with her “for years now.”

“Syd, ‘san ka man, I hope you’re doing well. As you already know, I’m far from perfect kaya normal if you want nothing to do with me. Sana lang magkaroon ng second chance for redemption. I’m sorry for the ruckus that I may have caused my family, the public, the sponsors and my bandmates. Pasensya na,” he said.

Barbara responded by tweeting that “sincerity can’t be bought,” while Syd reshared an article where one of her family members said that “there have been no attempts to reconcile or resolve anything prior to the concert teasers and announcement.”

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