Barbara Ruaro, Syd Hartha speak up as Ely Buendia’s manager addresses Marcus Adoro issue

September 22, 2022 - 3:56 PM
Barbara and Syd Hartha
Barbara Ruaro in this photo taken by Joem San Mateo and posted on her Instagram on April 10, 2020 (left) and Syd Hartha Chua in this photo on her Instagram on Aug. 24, 2022 (right).

Trigger Warning: Mentions of domestic abuse and sexual violence

Barbara Ruaro and the camp of Syd Hartha Chua responded to the manager of Ely Buendia who addressed the inclusion of Marcus Adoro in Eraserheads‘ upcoming reunion concert.

Barbara and Syd have previously expressed their gratitude to online Filipinos who did not forget their past testimonies against one of the band’s former guitarists in light of the anticipated concert.

Members of the OPM band recently announced reuniting in a one-day concert this December.

Social media users then recalled how one of its members had faced allegations of domestic abuse from two women before.

Some criticized other members for letting Marcus perform amid the issues, calling out their silence and accusing them of “enabling” him.

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Maria Diane Ventura, Ely’s manager and co-producer of their upcoming concert, addressed the issue in a statement published on ANCX. It reads:

“One of Ely’s non-negotiable conditions prior to signing was precisely that Marcus resolve his issues, otherwise Ely would not work with him. This was promised by Marcus’ management which was why we even reconsidered.” 

“To call Ely an enabler is categorically false and absurd. We do not condone abuse that is absolute. We acknowledge the pain and suffering of the parties involved and we seek accountability.” 

“However, we will do what we can to encourage peace, resolution, and will never get in the way of possible reconciliation or second chances between families. We are hoping for good to come out of this.” 

Raymund Marasigan, former Eraserheads drummer, said that they knew the issues will be brought up following the announcement of their reunion concert.

“Because of this show, people will discuss, people will argue, people will fight, people will boycott — that’s okay. Kasali ‘yun,” he said in a podcast appearance.

“When we agreed to do the show, we know all of these can happen and kasali ‘yun. I will not invalidate people’s opinions nor feelings,” Raymund added.

He said that he has talked about it “privately” with his girlfriend, daughter, bandmates and with the “people concerned.”

“Now after saying that, I want to protect everybody’s privacy, everybody involved. And honestly, in my heart, I want them to resolve it and have peace of mind and heart,” Raymund said.

How Barbara, Syn reacted

In response to Maria Diane’s statement, Barbara and Syd said that they have never received any attempts of reconciliation or apology from Marcus or his representative.

“Since 2019, neither Marcus nor any of his representatives have reached out to me, Syd, and our respective families. No apologies were made. No civil discussion ensued. And on his part, no steps were taken toward a clear and final resolution. So, regretfully, this is false,” Barbara told NME magazine.

“I refuse to comment any further regarding the matter. Personally, I have been working on my own healing and have been blessed with a strong support system. There is nothing else that I desire more than peace, and for my beautiful family to remain protected throughout the course of this predicament,” she added.

Meanwhile, Syd’s family member said that “there have been no attempts to reconcile or resolve anything prior to the concert teasers and announcement.”

“We are also not inclined to accept any apology, knowing its sincerity is questionable. We would like to thank everyone who continues to give us support,” the family member added.

Syd had alleged of Marcus hitting her head against the wall, even in the presence of her friends, before. She also claimed he told her she would be raped.

Barbara also claimed of suffering cuts and bruises, as well as “almost a year of psychological manipulation,” from the former Eraserheads member. She used to be Marcus’ partner.