Pay with sibuyas: Houseware chain to accept onions as payment in QC branch

February 2, 2023 - 12:20 PM
Publication material of Japan Home Centre's onions for payment scheme on its Panay Avenue branch on February 4, 2022. (Facebook/Japan Home Centre)

A houseware chain known for affordable household items launched a new payment method for its customers in the form of onions.

Japan Home Centre on February 1 announced that it is accepting one onion as payment for one product. This is only applicable to selected items in its branch along Panay Avenue in Quezon City.

“Sibuyas as payment! We are accepting cash, coins, and ONIONS as payment for our selected items!” the post with an onion emoji reads.

The discount store said each customer can purchase a maximum of three products using onions.

It also said that the onions its Panay Avenue branch will receive will be used for a community pantry.

“Japan Home Centre – Panay Avenue will accept an onion in exchange for your chosen product. Every customer has a limit of 3 item purchases only. All collected onions will be used in our community pantry,” it said.

This promo will only take effect on Saturday, February 4.

The onion payment initiative came amid the still ongoing increase in prices of onions and other basic commodities in the Philippines.

Filipinos are recently treating onions as “luxury” goods and gifts because of their skyrocketing prices in local markets.

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Some Filipinos overseas resorted to bringing home onions as gifts and souvenirs for their loved ones in the Philippines since the spices are being sold at more affordable prices in other countries.

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Following the sibuyas payment initiative, Japan Home Centre was applauded by Filipinos. They praised the initiative to provide onions for a community pantry.

“They will use their onions for the community pantry, business organizations, nongovernment organizations, and ordinary people will help each other if the government will not do anything about the poverty among people and the increasing price of goods,” a Facebook user said.

“This is such a great initiative. God bless you more!” another commented.

Japan Home Centre’s post has since garnered 13,000 reactions, 1,200 reactions, and 7,300 shares on the platform.

Community pantry organizer Ana Patricia Non or Patreng Non has also been helping other donation-driven pantries by selling red onions on Facebook.

Last month, Non offered red onions worth P400 per kilogram through a “Sibuyas for a Cause” drive for farmers.

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