Subway says viral ad on B.M.T. sandwiches ‘shouldn’t have been produced’

February 3, 2023 - 3:34 PM
Subway ad-still-jan-2023
Photo from Subway Philippines' digital ad for its B.M.T. sandwiches previously released on Facebook. (Subway Philippines/Released) 

A sandwich brand on Friday released a statement following the online backlash of its viral advertisement.

Subway Philippines addressed the issue concerning its B.M.T. sandwich commercial released on Facebook last January.

“This advertisement did not reflect our values of dignity and respect for all. It shouldn’t have been produced and has since been removed. We’re sorry for this error,” it said in a statement sent to Interaksyon.

The sandwich brand said that it is hoping the statement clarifies its perspective on the matter.

Subway previously released a digital ad promoting three variants of its signature B.M.T. sandwiches featuring vlogger Kimpoy Feliciano.

The ad used women — played by Natazha Bautista, Breena Ylaya and Queen Semana — as metaphors in promoting the food items.

It also featured Kimpoy calling himself a “lover boy” instead of “playboy” and uttering the following line: “Kasalanan ba if I want them all?”

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The ad was condemned by some social media users, including the Gabriela Women’s party-list and a former congressional representative, who said that it “objectifies women.”

“In the said ad, social media personality Kimpoy Feliciano is seen comparing three women to different sandwich options, and vaguely describing them as the ‘biggest, tastiest, and meatiest,'” the party-list said before.

“We would like to remind Subway that women are not pieces of meat. The advertisement reeks of sexism and misogyny. It is deeply offensive, triggering, and insensitive, especially when many Filipino women continue to experience various forms of sexual violence and abuse,” it added.

Gabriela further said that its statement is a reminder that “we still have a very long way to go” in terms of how women are portrayed in different forms of media and content.

Subway acknowledged the comments in a now-deleted Facebook post where it said that the ad was “intended to connect the variety one gets from Subway’s three crave-worthy B.M.T. options, all made equally delicious.”

The sandwich shop also talked about “the B.M.T. message.”

“B.M.T. moments happen when you are faced with confusion over almost equally great choices. Whether it’s the choice of food or a make or break life decision, anyone can experience their own B.M.T. moment,” it said.

The digital ad and its acknowledgment post have since been removed from its Facebook page.

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