Viral: Cooking game player challenges burger stall staff to ‘cook off’

April 16, 2024 - 7:14 PM
FB_Burger Machine
Facebook photo from Reginald Guevarra posted on the Facebook group "Homepaslupa Buddies 4.0" on April 11, 2024 (GieMoe1996/Facebook)

A cook-off?

A Facebook post of a man challenging a staff of a burger stall while playing a cooking game made the local online community laugh.

Facebook user Reginald Guevarra shared a picture of her husband playing what social media users claim was “Cooking Madness” in front of a staff of Burger Machine.

“Cooking Madness” is a mobile game wherein the user takes the identity of a chef serving meals.

Meanwhile, the staff in Guevarra’s photo was frying patties and eggs for their burger meals.

“ASAWA KO NAG-AYA SA BURGER MACHINE. PAUNAHAN DAW SILA MAGLUTO NI ATE,” she wrote on the Facebook group “Homepaslupa Buddies 4.0” on April 11.

Her post has amassed a whopping number of 36,000 pure laughing reactions, 2,300 comments and 17,000 shares on the social networking platform so far.

“Dalhin kita sa pizza house [redacted] tapos paunahan kayo mag-serve ng pizza HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA,” a Facebook user wrote in the comments, tagging a friend.

“[Redacted] paunahan kaya hahaha,” another user wrote, tagging a friend.

“[Redacted] HAHAHAHAHA gawain mo,” a different Pinoy commented, also tagging a friend.

“[Redacted] worthy opponent madam, HAHAHAHA,” wrote another user to a Facebook friend.

The post also made its way to the X (formerly Twitter) platform where it similarly reached viral status.

In the Play Store, there is a mobile game called “Cooking Madness: A Chef’s Game” which is described as a time-management cooking game.