‘It will not be dealt lightly’: D’Navigators team says on ex-player’s viral sauce spilling vid

April 30, 2024 - 1:24 PM
Screengrab from the TikTok video of user @pauline_diaz26 (pauline_diaz26/TikTok)

A men’s volleyball team vowed to call the attention of one of its former players who went viral for “unbecoming” behavior in an eating establishment in Laguna.

D’Navigators on Sunday released a statement addressing a video of one of its former players who was seen scattering sauce all over a table in a food stall selling pares or braised beef stew in Biñan, Laguna.

The video showed a young man spreading the sauce with a spoon and then being challenged by his friends to do the same with soy sauce.

The young man then receives what appears to be his change from his payment, grabs a glass and spills its remaining contents on the table.

“Sa pares naman daw ni Diwata next,” the caption of the TikTok video said, referring to the viral street food sensation in Pasay City.

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@pauline_diaz26 Sa pares naman daw ni diwata next #diwata #pares ♬ original sound – Prettypau🌸

The video earned widespread criticism from Filipinos who did not find the content funny.

“Someone [doesn’t] know GMRC!!!!” a TikTok user commented, referring to good manners and right conduct.

“Located sa Canlala, Biñan, Laguna ‘to. Grabe naman ginawa nila, nakakaawa ‘yung mga nagtatrabaho [nang] maayos,” another TikTok user wrote.

“They don’t know the word CAYCO (Clean As You Go). As a service crew, it’s a big help for us na kahit papaano, may mga taong marunong mag-clean ng pinagkainan nila,” another Pinoy commented.

“Ang hirap kaya linisin [‘yung] chili oil, makakailang punas ka muna bago mawala,” wrote a different user.

The clip made its way to other platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook, where it reached D’Navigators.

Some social media users also identified the young man in the video.

D’Navigators acknowledged the messages they have been receiving and issued a statement where they admitted they were “also surprised” by what they saw.

“Our statement regarding one of our former players showing unbecoming behaviour in a Pares Restaurant in Laguna,” it said on April 27.

“In as much as we want to react negatively, we were also surprised with what we saw online. The team focuses on our current league and we have no idea why it happened because he was with his other circle of friends at that time,” the volleyball team shared.

“We also want to apologize if this affects how you see the whole team, but please conduct a thorough probe to spare the rest of the players from judgment and false accusations,” D’Navigators added.

“Despite of (sic) his public apology through his personal [FB account], not everyone sees the post. Nevertheless, we thank everyone’s concern and trust that we will call his attention and it will not be dealt lightly,” the team said.

Meanwhile, the young man and his friends returned to the food stall and promoted it on social media following the backlash their group had received.

“Muling lumapag ang aming team sa paresan, hindi para magkalat, kundi magpakain ng mga lasing,” the TikTok user who uploaded the viral video said.

@pauline_diaz26 Muling lumapag ang aming team sa paresan hindi para mag kalat kundi mag pakain ng mga lasing #pares ♬ original sound – Prettypau🌸

“Nag-iisang pinakamasarap na paresan sa Biñan, Laguna. Mura na, masarap pa,” the online user added in another video.

@pauline_diaz26 Nag iisang pinaka masarap na paresan sa biñan laguna mura na masarap pa😋#pares #masarap #sulit ♬ original sound – Prettypau🌸

Despite the videos, some Filipinos were still not amused by how the incident ended.

“May record ka na, lods,” a TikTok user wrote.

“[Grabe], biglang bait naman [niyan]??” another user exclaimed.

In food establishments, it is a courtesy to practice “CLAYGO” or “clean as you go” after dining to help service workers, promote cleanliness and minimize hygiene and public health risk.