Pangasinan bet ends Miss Universe Philippines journey early due to health condition

March 1, 2023 - 12:04 PM
Photos of Evangeline Fuentes of Pangasinan who have pulled out of the Miss Universe Philippines competition due to a health condition (michpadayhag/Instagram)

A Miss Universe Philippines aspirant pulled out of the competition due to a health condition.

Pangasinan bet Evangeline Fuentes ended her pageant journey just days after her name was included in the Top 40 finalists of MUPH 2023.

This news was announced by Fuentes’ official spokesperson Michelle Joy Padayhag in an Instagram post.

“It is with great sadness to inform you on behalf of Ms. Fuentes that she will no longer continue her Ms. Universe Philippines 2023 journey,” Padayhag said.

In the statement, Padayhag said that Fuentes only learned about her condition a few days ago.

While her illness was not specified, the spokesperson said that the situation “shouldn’t be ignored.”

“Last week was one for the books after Ms. Evangeline Fuentes made it to the official roster of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. It has been an answered prayer and dream for her and the children in the landfill to be heard and empowered,” Padayhag said.

“However, the past few days have been tough for Ms. Fuentes after learning about a health condition that shouldn’t be ignored,” she added.

“My heart is breaking as I write this post because I know how genuine Ms. Fuentes is especially for her purpose and mission in joining Ms. Universe Philippines 2023. The decision might be tough but we have to follow the doctor’s advice for Ms. Fuentes’ well-being and recovery,” the spokesperson continued.

Padayhag then expressed her gratitude to the MUPH organization, the Pangasinan government and other people who have supported Fuentes at the start of her journey.

“Rest assured that Ms. Fuentes will continue to recover for her family and for all who believed in her dreams and the people in the landfill,” Padayhag said.

“We hope that Ms. Fuentes will receive the same amount of love, prayers, and support. Thank you so much. Hanggang sa susunod na laban,” she added.

The MUPH organization announced the official delegates on February 18.

Fuentes’ official photo is still up on MUPH’s social media accounts. It has so far garnered 9,800 reactions, 499 comments and 828 shares on the platform.

Other prominent personalities who will be vying for the MUPH crown include Pauline Amelinckx, Michelle Dee, Samantha Panlilio, Emmanuelle Vera, Angelique Manto and Claire Inso.

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