‘John Wick to Holy Week’: When Joross channeled Jesus

April 6, 2023 - 4:40 PM
Filipino actor and comedian Joross Gamboa posts a photo of himself with long hair and beard on Instagram while suggesting he transformed from movie hitman John Wick to Jesus in Holy Week. (Joross Gamboa Instagram, screencaptures)

Actor Joross Gamboa made fun of himself on Instagram on Maundy Thursday, April 6 as he posted a photo with a caption that is very timely this season.

Staring at the camera with a neutral expression, a heavily bearded and long-haired Joross in the photo would remind his account followers of images of Jesus Christ.

“The design is very John Wick to Holy Week,” Joross captioned the hilarious post, referring to “John Wick,” hit movie installment about a hitman who also sports a black beard and long hair.

Recent photos of the Joross, however, suggest that he has a closely cropped cut unlike in the newly posted image. It is unclear whether the long-haired version of himself in photo is an old,  wearing a wig or generated via an AI app.

Fellow actor Jason Abalos commented three praying emojis on Joross’ post while musician Chito Miranda affixed a “rock on” emoji.