‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ trends on Twitter amid Netflix release

April 14, 2023 - 11:20 AM
MCAI_Netflix PH
Screengrab of the "Maria Clara at Ibarra" series information on Netflix Philippines (Screengrab from Netflix Philippines)

Hit historical portal fantasy series “Maria Clara at Ibarra” landed on the top trending list of local Twitter on Friday morning amid its premiere on Netflix Philippines.

The hashtag “#MariaClaraAtIbarraOnNetflix” is currently the number one trend on Twitter Philippines as fans post about its official release on the streaming giant.

Clicking the hashtag leads social media users to various posts praising the award-winning drama which ended its television run last February.

“Thank God It’s FILAY-Day! We can now rewatch our favorite FiLay moments on Netflix anytime, anywhere!” Twitter fan account @OfficialFiLayFP wrote, referring to the onscreen tandem of Fidel (Fi) and Klay (Lay).

In the series, the character of Fidel de los Reyes is played by David Licauco, while the lead character, Klay Infantes, is played by Barbie Forteza.

Apart from “FiLay,” fans also call their tandem “BarDa,” a portmanteau of Barbie and David’s names.

“Time to rewatch this historical drama of the year!” another fan tweeted with exclamation point emojis. “Maria Clara at Ibarra is really a masterpiece! Now on Netflix PH.”

A different fan marked the show’s Neflix release date by sharing a video compilation of some of Fidel and Klay’s moments.

“I’m willing to go back at this and feel all the feels all over again because, why not? MCI and FiLay will always be special,” the Twitter user said with emojis.

“MCI” is short for “Maria Clara at Ibarra.”

“For future viewers ng MCI, finally, mawi-witness niyo na ang quality ng MCI,” commented another fan.

“Award-winning ang cinematography, storylines, relevance, screenplay, production, dialogues, twists, costumes etc.,” the Twitter user added, perceiving it as “the best drama in the history of Philippine TV.”

The series also trended on Twitter after its network initially announced that “Maria Clara at Ibarra” would be available on the streaming giant by April.

Others looked forward to rewatching the series, while some anticipated the freedom of watching it at their own time and convenience compared to when it aired on television.

“Maria Clara at Ibarra” follows the story of Klay Infantes, a Generation Z nursing student who initially doesn’t care about studying Jose Rizal and his novels such as “Noli Me Tangere.”

She gets transported into the book’s world and learns more about the popular characters such as Maria Clara (Julie Anne San Jose) and Crisostomo Ibarra (Dennis Trillo).

Klay additionally gets to have a glimpse of the Philippines’ past and how Filipinos lived their lives during the Spanish Colonial Period.

Throughout its run, the series earned high ratings and reached trending status on the internet.

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