Melai, Jason family’s candid updates from South Korea vacay bring good vibes online

July 20, 2023 - 5:58 PM
Photos of Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, Jason Francisco, their daughters, and other relatives during their vacation in South Korea (mrandmrsfrancisco/Instagram)

Melai Cantiveros and her family amused social media users with their activities and antics during their stay in South Korea.

Melai has been recording notable and candid moments of their trip and sharing the videos on her Instagram Stories.

In their updates, the comedian, her husband Jason Francisco, and their daughters Mela and Stela could be seen bonding with their other relatives and friends while in another country.

One part that caught the attention of the Twitter account Alt Star Magic was Melai’s conversation with her mother and her daughters while waiting inside a shuttle.

Mela and Stela were sitting inside when the latter suddenly declared herself as an ice cream. Mela then joined her sister and told their mother in a cute way: “And I’m a princess!”

“Ay, sobrang arte mo nanggigil ako sayo, umagang-umaga,” Melai told her daughter in jest.

Melai’s mother later appeared in the video. She could not take off the backpack she was carrying.

Melai lent her a hand. She also made a sarcastic comment about her mother’s predicament.

Because of this, Stela reprimanded her. “Uy, mama! Mama mo yan!”

Alt Star Magic uploaded this video clip on Twitter.

“A petition for a reality show featuring the family of Melai and Jason t****** yung tawa ko,” the user tweeted.

The tweet has since garnered 2.2 million views, 7,005 retweets, 4,232 quote retweets and 51,100 likes.

Another moment that gained buzz was the time the Francisco family was wearing Korean traditional clothing called hanbok.

This was part of their family tour at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, South Korea.

Stela, however, seemed bored. She started doing powerful fighting moves while clad in hanbok. Her mother called her out.

“Pang-karate yan! Hindi yan pang-hanbok!” she said, frantically.

The funny scene was reported by the Philippine Star.

It had since garnered 2.1 million views and 309,000 reactions on Facebook.

Based on Melai’s Instagram account, the entire Francisco family has been on vacation in South Korea for six days. The “Pinoy Big Brother” 2015 winner also shared videos and pictures of her family’s travels.

In one of them, Melai shared pictures of the family members resting comfortably while riding in a van.

“Bakit lumalaban ang beshy nyu ? kasi….kumpleto ang mga kasama ko—senior citizen, PWD (person with disability), kids, LGBT, husband. The best,” Melai said.

“Pero palaban kami sa travel namin together lahat may role, lahat masaya at nag eenjoy,” she added.

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The Francisco family’s South Korea tour can still be viewed in Melai’s Instagram Stories.

Mela and Stela also caught the attention of social media last year because of their “chicken nuggets” remarks in a video on their YouTube channel.

The video showcased how Melai prepared for the sisters’ first onsite classes.

Their YouTube channel boasts two million subscribers as of writing.