Shanty allegedly hosting pot sessions in Cebu gets demolition order

August 2, 2023 - 6:39 PM
A shanty in Sitio Trinidad at Brgy. Punta Princesa in Cebu City posted on the Facebook of Punta Princesa Brgy. Captain Jhun Andales on Aug. 2, 2023 (jhun.andales/Facebook)

A shack that reportedly hosted pot sessions in a sitio was ordered for immediate demolition in Cebu City last Monday.

SunStar Cebu reported that Punta Princesa Barangay Captain Jhun Andales had ordered the structure to be knocked down to “prevent it from causing a massive fire” in Sitio Trinidad.

“We are now ordered to demolish this immediately so that it does not cause a major fire in Sitio Trinidad,” he said in a Facebook post on Cebuano on Tuesday, August 2.

Andales added that it was the house they had responded to on Monday night because it was “affected by a fire hazard.”

SunStar said that the shack was also a venue for pot sessions in the sitio.

The structure had tin roofs, assorted metal frames and several wood pieces for its walls.

A pot session is a social gathering where people come together to smoke marijuana or use other illegal drug substances such as shabu.

The most common prohibited drugs include shabu (Methamphetamine), ecstasy (E, Snackies, and New Yorker), cannabis (marijuana or Mary Jane), cocaine (crack, bazooka, blanche, cake, coke, or lady), heroin (smack, H, horse, junk, Harry, and White Lady), and LSD (acid or hippie).

It is prohibited to use, sell and manufacture drugs that are considered dangerous under Philippine laws.