‘Ibalik niyo’: Netizens appeal after remittance worker lost over P1 million in Cebu

July 6, 2023 - 2:53 PM
Motorcycle rider
A motorycle rider dressed in black. (Creative Commons/Stock photo)

Filipinos who picked up scattered money along a highway in Cebu should give it back to the person carrying it.

Concerned social media users expressed this collective appeal amid the circulating video that showed motorists hurriedly grabbing cash along the Cebu South Coastal Road last Tuesday, July 4.

This money belongs to a motorcycle rider named John Mark Barrientos, a remittance collector on his way to Mandaue City.

In an interview, Barrientos said that he was carrying over P4 million in cash in his backpack. While on the road, however, the zipper suddenly broke open.

Bills flew and fell along the lane he was traversing at. It was too late when Barrientos noticed the situation.

Moreover, he also saw other motorists hurriedly grabbing the bills as they pour out from his bag.

Barrientos hoped that the people who picked them up on the road to return them.

Some Filipinos online also asked their fellow Pinoys to help the man.

“Pakibalik po please huhu kawawa yung rider,” a Twitter user said.

“Balik niyo po pera na di sainyo kasi kawawa naman yong tao,” a Facebook user requested.

“Oy ibalik niyooo! siya mag-aabono niyan if kulang naibalik,” another user tweeted.

Others, meanwhile, see negligence on bringing a huge sum of money through a motorcycle.

“Napaka irresponsable ng company na nagbigay ng four million tapos motor lang pinabyahe,” a Twitter user said.

“Four million, dapat nakasasakyan ang collector,” a Facebook user commented.

Reports said that only around P2 million were returned to Barrientos. More than P1 million remains missing.

Authorities said that they will look at CCTV cameras in the vicinity to help Barrientos retrieve the remittance money.