‘Seeing double?’: Taylor Sheesh lands an interview on ‘Good Morning America’

September 6, 2023 - 7:53 PM
Taylor Sheesh performing to the crowd at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City (heymacyou/Instagram)

A Pinay drag queen, who earlier made international headlines, was featured in an episode of a popular American talk show.

Taylor Sheesh, a Filipino drag queen known for impersonating Taylor Swift, was interviewed for a broadcast of “Good Morning America.” It was aired on September 2 and uploaded on its YouTube channel on September 3.

“While Taylor Swift is bejeweled, Taylor Sheesh can still make the whole place shimmer,” one of the anchors said.

Taylor Sheesh, whose real name is Mac Coronel, gained online fame after her recreation of Taylor’s “Eras Tour” concert at a fan-organized mall event. It attracted a large crowd of over 10,000 people.

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It was made as a petition for the global star icon to make a stop in Manila.

After Taylor’s 2024 tour schedule was released, however, Singapore and Japan were the only countries in Asia where Taylor would be visiting.

This news prompted Pinoy fans to turn to Taylor Sheesh to lead them in celebrating their favorite singer’s music.

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In the interview, Mac expressed how grateful he is for the Filipinos who continue to support him.

“I’m totally overwhelmed and forever grateful. I always appreciate their time and effort and patience,” he said.

Sheesh also shared that she has been a Swiftie since 2009. Meanwhile, he started drag in 2017.

“Since I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan since 2009, I tried to impersonate her and somehow it worked and it went viral,”Sheesh said.

The ABC broadcast also showed snippets of videos of Taylor Sheesh’s mall shows where she wore imitations of Taylor’s outfits and lip-synced and danced to all the songs of the “Eras Tour” setlist.

Prior to this feature, Mac as Taylor Sheesh also landed in multiple international publications such as Rolling Stone, the Washington Post, Mashable, and NPR.

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Sheesh has also gained love from some foreign fans on TikTok, cheering for her and wishing to watch her in person in the future.

@hungrycarterpillar #duet with @JaneDVirgin🦋 i wanna know so badly what taylor thinks of this #smseaside #taylorsheesh #taylorswift ♬ original sound – Ryu Anfernee

@thecommentssectionwbc This is wild. #taylorswift #taylorsheesh #swiftietok ♬ original sound – The Comments Section

On September 2, the 28-year-old drag queen released her own version of an “Eras Tour concert film.”

This came after Taylor dropped the trailer of her concert documentary in North America.

No local release date has been announced for the concert movie.

Meanwhile, Sheesh updated fans on her show dates this September.