Cashing in on the meme: Colleagues tease Ces Drilon over viral ‘Stress Drilon’ ad

September 25, 2023 - 12:11 PM
Screenshots of Ces Drilon in the latest advertisement for Coco Fresh Tea & Juice (CoCoTeaPhilippines/Facebook)

Colleagues teased Ces Drilon following her advertisement for a milk tea brand amid its online popularity.

Ces, a seasoned broadcast journalist of ABS-CBN News, was tapped by Taiwan-based Coco Fresh Tea & Juice for a commercial based on the popular “Stress Drilon” expression

“Stress Drilon,” which has been part of Filipino gay lingo since the early 2000s, refers to a person who is stressed out. It is coined after her surname “Drilon” and the word “stress” as a homonym of her name.

Ces embodied the “Stress Drilon” persona in the video. She was shown in multiple “stressful” circumstances throughout the day.

These include accidentally making her coffee salty, getting splashed with rainwater by a car and stepping on a dog’s poo while walking down the street.

A giant cup of Coco Fresh Tea and Juice became her outlet to vent her frustrations and anger in each unfortunate event. She violently stabbed it and hurled expletives at it.

The video quickly took off. Several Filipinos commented that they resonated with Ces’s reactions to stress. Others expressed amusement and praise for the concept.

As of writing, it has garnered 4.4 million views on Facebook.

Some of Ces’s colleagues also found the video hilarious and fun to watch. They also congratulated the journalist for the advertisement.

“Hahaha for the win!” Karen Davila wrote in the replies section of a post about the ad on the X (formerly Twitter) app.

“ONE OF THE BEST ADS EVER. Happy for @cesdrilon for FINALLY cashing in on that STRESS DRILON meme,” ABS-CBN’s News Bureau Chief TJ Manotoc also said.

Zen Hernandez, meanwhile, also pitched another popular pun to trend —  “Hungry Omaga Diaz.”

She was referring to the name of another veteran reporter, Henry Omaga Diaz. 

“Dahil nagka-commercial na ang pinauso nating #stressdrilon circa 20xx, ipa-trending na ang #hungryomagadiaz!” Zen posted while also tagging Jeff Canoy in it.

Jeff replied with laughing emojis at her.

Ces later expressed how thankful she was that her advertisement made people happy.

“Salamat at marami akong napasaya sa ibang klaseng #stressdrilon na inabot ko! Masayang masaya na din ako!” she said.

The video was created by the GIGIL group, an advertising agency that gained a reputation for its odd and hilarious commercials and marketing campaigns.

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