‘Life is sacred’: Undas cemetery visitors urged to be mindful of stray animals

November 2, 2023 - 11:18 AM
Stray cat
(Image by Freepik)

A community of animal stray feeders advised cemetery visitors to be mindful of dogs and cats in the vicinities as Filipinos observe All Souls’ Day today.

Community organization Humans for Animals PH on Tuesday, October 31 shared a Facebook post of an animal advocate who appealed to people to observe a few things as they go to memorial parks on November 2.

“Life is sacred,” the org said in the reshare.

Facebook user Jasmine Sabado, an animal advocate, said that commemorating All Souls Day is not just about the departed ones.

“This period is not just about remembering the dead; it is also an opportunity to remind ourselves of the sacredness of life. All of life,” she wrote.

“As we flock to cemeteries this season we will encounter not just masses of people, but several animals as well. These animals have made a home in the cemeteries because of two things: Quietude and a little bit of food. They are community animals and they deserve respect and protection, too,” Sabado added.

She advised people who are scared of animals and those who do not care for them to “ignore” them and let them be.

“Leaving animals be is one of the kindest things humans can do. They are more afraid of you than you are of them. Remember that if they do come near you, it is only to see if there is a little bit of food that they can calm their rumbling tummies with. Everything they do is just out of a desire to survive,” the animal advocate said.

Sabado also appealed for drivers to “brake for animals” whenever they see them on the road or in the streets.

“Because there are more vehicles in cemeteries this time of the year, there are also more hit-and-run cases. But these are preventable. We only need to be more mindful and patient. May we have cool heads and compassionate hearts this Undas,” she said.

Sabado likewise reminded the public that there is a law against animal cruelty.

The rest of her post can be read here:

All Souls’ Day is commemorated every November 2. It is dedicated to remembering the souls of those who have departed by visiting their burial sites and offering masses and prayers, among others.