‘Tagos sa puso’: Chel Diokno ‘proud dad’ after watching ‘GomBurZa’ directed by son Pepe

December 25, 2023 - 12:21 PM
Chel Diokno with his son Pepe and the cast of the "GomBurZa" movie (ChelDiokno/X)

Human rights lawyer Chel Diokno was one proud father after watching an entry to the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Chel uploaded pictures of him attending the premiere of “GomBurZa,” a historical film directed by his eldest son, Pepe Diokno. The film is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

“It was a fun night at the GOMBURZA Premiere! Tagos sa puso ang storya. Napakahusay! Congratulations to the cast and crew and everyone who made GOMBURZA possible, most especially to my eldest, Direk @PepeDiokno,” Chel wrote in the post.

“I am such a proud dad!” he added, with a heart emoji.

The younger Diokno later saw this post of appreciation from his father.

“Thanks, dad,” he said with a fiery heart emoji.

“GomBurZa” tells the riveting lives of Catholic priests Mariano Gomez (Dante Rivero), Jacinto Zamora (Enchong Dee) and Jose Burgos (Cedrick Juan) who were executed in 1872 due to subversion charges under the Spanish regime.

In a previous post, Pepe shared that the movie was created at a time when the younger generation were familiar with the Catholic martyr priests as “MaJoHa” instead of their real names.

“Many of us know ‘Gomburza’ as the three martyr priests. But there is so much more to their story that surprised me. Like, how much their death inspired Jose Rizal, and how the term “Filipino” originated from the struggle of the native priests,” he said.

“Grateful for the opportunity to make this film — not just for younger Pinoys who know them as ‘Majoha’ but for all of us. May the story that helped ignite the revolution also ignite our ‘alab ng puso’ today. Please share our teaser and help spread the word!” Pepe added.

The acronym “MaJoHa” gained buzz online after a “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate mentioned it during a time-bound quiz bee in an episode aired in April last year.

Host Robi Domingo was asking the housemates about the names of the priests who participated in the Cavite Mutiny of 1872.

One housemate answered “MaJoHa” in an attempt to combine the three priests’ first names.

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In a separate interview, the acclaimed filmmaker recalled that the production team became aware when the MaJoHa video circulated on social media.

“Natuwa kami in a sense that I really think it shows that there’s a need for this film to reintroduce GomBurZa to the younger generation of Filipinos,” he was quoted in a report as saying.

Chel, meanwhile, has been expressing support for his son at the start of the MMFF.

In a previous post, Chel congratulated Pepe after “GomBurZa” was chosen as a contender in this year’s festival.

“Mukhang maraming magagandang Pinoy films this year! Hope to watch them all, even the ones outside the festival. Pero of course, I will be there sa premiere ng Gomburza! Congratulations, @pepediokno and everyone behind the film! (Proud dad here!),” the former senatorial candidate previously said.