‘Mang Jimmy’s forever’: Ebe Dancel pays tribute to food biz for feeding him since college

February 21, 2024 - 3:08 PM
Ebe Dancel_Mang Jimmy's
Musician Ebe Dancel in this photo on his Facebook page on Jan. 26, 2024; A menu item of Mang Jimmy's Apo posted on its Facebook page on Feb. 5, 2024 (EbeDancelMusic/Facebook; Mang Jimmy's Apo/Facebook)

OPM icon Ebe Dancel offered a salute to a longtime local food business for making him “feel” like he was in college again after reconnecting with the owner’s descendants and eating their meal once more.

The singer-songwriter on Tuesday, February 20 shared that he discovered the Facebook page of Mang Jimmy’s, which was where he would go for delicious tapa mix as a college student at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

It was also in college when Ebe started forming bands until he met his then-bandmates from Sugarfree in 1999. He became its chief songwriter and frontman from 1999 to 2011.

The musician on Facebook recalled how Mang Jimmy’s became a part of his collegiate experience.

“Back in college in UP, I would save up for Mang Jimmy’s, who was known for his famous tapa mix. Back when unlimited rice wasn’t common yet, he gave us all the rice we could eat until we were full,” he wrote.

“The most endearing part of the experience was that he always served the food himself and asked how I was doing,” Ebe recounted.

He then revealed that he was able to reconnect with the food business “after a few decades” when he found its Facebook page through a friend.

The artist also reconnected with Mang Jimmy’s grandson and great-granddaughter.

“I’m about to eat and I feel like I’m in college again — lost, excited, and on the verge of discovering a life in music and all the adventures it gave me. I thank his family for keeping the memories alive. Mang Jimmy’s forever,” Ebe said with a heart emoji.

Fellow patrons of the food business likewise shared their own experiences in the comments section.

“Ang saya! We kept going back till my next-door MWSS days, hankering for the unli-rice and tapa mix,” a Facebook user wrote.

“One of the best!!! I love it that they are continuing the legacy of Mang Jimmy. Extra rice pa nga po!” another Pinoy commented.

“Mang Jimmy’s (heart emoji) the original unli rice! They have the best sisig [and] sizzling pusit,” wrote a different user.

“Tapa Mix was always our go-to. Kaka-miss naman,” another user commented.

“Uy, paborito din namin dito. Their sizzling tuna and pusit is also good,” exclaimed a different Pinoy.

“Isa sa pinakanaalala ko kay Mang Jimmy ‘yung alahas [niya] hahaha. Grabe, brings back good memories,” another user said.

“May free Coke ‘pag madami kayo!” commented another Pinoy.

The Facebook page of the food business thanked Ebe for ordering from them.

“Thank you so much for ordering, Sir Ebe! It’s an honor to be able to serve you our Lolo Jimmy’s best-seller once again,” the page, Mang Jimmy’s Apo, said with a heart emoji.

The food business was located in the Old Balara in Quezon City before.

A 2010 blog entry described its meals as “delicious and mouthwatering.”

“If you’re lucky enough, you’ll see Mang Jimmy himself manning the cashier’s table. You’ll also see different pictures, new and old, of local celebrities who [have] tried the food and who keep coming back to Mang Jimmy’s for it. Most [especially], you’ll see people (a lot of them haha) having fun and enjoying their Mang Jimmy’s experience, not even having to worry about how much they’re gonna pay,” The Glutton Guide wrote before.

As of now, Mang Jimmy’s Apo is home-based and only accepts orders for pick-up or delivery.

Customers can message them on their Facebook page or text them at 0956-493-4307.

The food business offers meals like tapa mix, pork sisig, sizzling pusit, sizzling porkchop, sizzling liempo, pork loin steak and roasted chicken for affordable rates.