‘I’m a politician, of course…’: City councilor’s video on politician stereotypes creates a stir

February 27, 2024 - 6:36 PM
Win Abel
Caloocan City Third District Councilor Win Abel in this photo posted on his Facebook page on Jan. 4, 2023 (Winabel01/Facebook)

A video by a Metro Manila city councilor about politicians sparked discussions in the local online community, with some interpreting the content as serious.

Caloocan City Third District Councilor Merwyn “Win” Abel posted a clip of himself tackling “politician stereotypes” while using a phrase that has been recently trending on social media.

The phrase is “I am (something), of course…”

Some users fill it with anecdotes while others supply common traits or stereotypes.

An example would be the phrase, “I am a Filipino, of course…”

Some of the answers from social media users include:

“We’re Filipinos, of course we prefer visuals over credentials when voting for our leaders,” a user wrote.

“We’re Filipinos, of course we’re always thirsty about validations from foreigners,” another user commented.

“We’re Filipinos, of course nabubuhay dugo namin sa chismis, lalo na ‘pag usapang showbiz,” wrote a different Pinoy.

Meanwhile, Abel created his version and called it “politician stereotypes.” He also added a laughing-with-tears emoji in the caption.

Among the “stereotypes” he featured were politicians putting their faces on items given to constituents, receiving numerous “godfather” requests, and offering generic “condolences” messages without personally knowing the deceased or their families.

@winabel_01 Politicians stereotype 😂 #fypシ #fyp #trending #trendingvideo #shortskit ♬ Stealthy mischief(1088178) – KBYS

A user on the X (formerly Twitter) platform reposted his clip and claimed it was “not satirical or editorial.”

The post made others perceive Abel as serious about his content, resulting in criticism directed towards him.

“Proud pa siya eh, noh. Juzko,” a user commented.

“Nino-normalize na talaga nila, noh?!” another user exclaimed.

“Does he think this is a flex?” a different Pinoy asked.

The individual who shared it on the X platform said that although Abel may have intended it as “sarcasm,” they found some of his responses on TikTok to be revealing.

“Puro ‘huuy’ lang reply niya sa ganyang engagements, I highly doubt it, lol,” the user said in response to another Pinoy who said the content was a “sarcasm.”

A TikTok user asked Abel if he was being sarcastic with his content.

“Sarcism ba ‘to, konsi?” the user commented with loudly crying emojis. “Konsi” is short for “councilor,” which is Abel’s position in government.

“Ano ‘yung sarcism?” the politician responded with a laughing-with-tears emoji.

Politicians are entrusted to serve the public who elected them, carrying the responsibility to be accountable and serve with the utmost dedication to the people.