‘B-Pop excellence’: TikTok dubs trending singer Shaira the ‘Queen of Bangsamoro Pop’

March 15, 2024 - 11:23 AM
Shaira Moro is dubbed "Queen of Bangsamoro Pop" (Screenshots from AHS Productions/YouTube; Shaira/Spotify)

Breakout singer Shaira was catapulted to online fame by her viral song “Selos” with no big-name management or promotion.

Through catchy tunes and striking lyrics, Shaira Moro, who hails from Mindanao is now being dubbed “Queen of Bangsamoro Pop” on social media.

“No promo. No album. No mall tours. No TV guestings. No 200 dogs. Just pure B-Pop excellence,” wrote one Filipino on X (formerly Twitter).

Shaira has over 310,000 monthly listeners on Spotify so far.

“Selos” ranked first on Spotify’s viral hits chart on March 8 and currently has 845,000 streams.

This track inspired a TikTok dance craze that spread across internationally, with over 511,000 entries under its audio.

@roygiebivonig Na LSS na ba ang lahat? 😂 #fyp #dancechallenge #shairaselos  @Roygiebiv ♬ original sound  – Dags Samson Arpon

This delighted some online users.

“It’s so refreshing and fun na umaabot sa charts si Shaira. Best news I’ve heard in local music”, posted one TikToker under another one of Shaira’s hit song “Forever Single”.

Shaira captured the masses through her lyrics that do not mince words about love life.

In “Forever Single”, she sings “Ilang taon ka na? / Wala ka pa ring jowa / Lahat ng barkada mo ay may asawa na”.

“Ayun na-real talk tayo ng B-Pop queen Shaira,” humored one Pinoy regarding these blunt lines.

Beyond the memes and jokes, she has genuinely caught people’s attention with her vocal power, as exhibited in a video of hers singing live.

She has also inspired a possibly new wave of music that is so-called “B-Pop”.

“Nakakatuwa lang itong moment ni Shaira sa Tiktok! For once, ibang mukha at naratibo naman ng Bangsamoro ang ating nakikita’t naririnig,” wrote one X user.

Shaira is part of a band “Trigger” which produces music on YouTube and performs in gigs and events.