Tech giant reports Philippines among top countries interested in AI

May 17, 2024 - 6:31 PM
Image by freepik

Data from a tech giant revealed that Filipinos are among the most interested in artificial intelligence (AI) technology globally.

Google Trends said that the Southeast Asian country ranks third when it comes to searches for AI-related topics across the world.

China and Ethiopia ranked first and second, respectively, surpassing the Philippines.

Google Trends
Infographic from Google Philippines (Google Philippines/Released)

Google Trends said that Manila’s high ranking in terms of search interest around AI reflected the country’s growing technological awareness, economic aspirations, educational initiatives, government support and the global trend toward AI adoption.

Google Trends provides data on topics that people from a certain country or area are searching almost in real time.

The data is measured by recording how many times a particular keyword is searched for compared to other terms within a certain period.

Meanwhile, one of the AI tools that are widely available is Gemini, Google’s AI chatbot.

It is a versatile AI assistant capable of handling various tasks such as writing, planning, learning, and generating content such as images.

Gemini has a free version for everyone and a paid version called Gemini Pro, which has advanced features.

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While AI has only recently gained buzz, it has been around for years as people continue to embrace technology.

For example, Siri and Google voice assistants are considered products of AI technology since they enable users to perform different tasks on their smartphones through voice intelligence.

Automatic photo tagging in Apple and Google smartphones also harnesses the tool of AI for their image recognition features.

Predictive texts likewise function like AI since they offer writing and grammar assistance to users through automated intelligence.