Rebranding, new game?: Speculations as 4 MPL players exit Blacklist

July 5, 2024 - 4:21 PM
Photo shows MPL players Yue, Ohmyv33nus and Wise and Edward (Yue, Wise Gaming, Edward/Facebook)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports players Wise and Edward publicly announced that they are leaving the ML Professional League (MPL) team Blacklist International after Yue and Ohmyv33nus resigned.

Blacklist is an esports division under Tier One Entertainment.

Edward Dapadap, the team’s EXP laner, posted his announcement Thursday. He stated that he felt the same way as Ohmyv33nus when she expressed her decision to leave.

According to Edward, his team motivated him to stick around for the past four years, however he believed that he was destined for a new path.

“Now, I’m ready for the next chapter of my life, where I can grow personally and professionally. I’m excited to collaborate with new people who share my goals and determination,” he said in his post.

Blacklist’s ML jungler Wise, also known as Danerie Rosario posted a witty and informal resignation letter on Facebook.

“Bounce na ko mga ssob (boss) @Blacklist International, matsala (salamat) sa all,” Wise said.

Kenneth Tadeo or Yue, who initially resigned from his post on Blacklist on Wednesday, said that he wanted to grow outside of his comfort zone. He often plays midlane as well as a similar role in ML as Wise.

“This time gusto ko naman maranasan ang ibang environment at ma-develop pa ang sarili ko. I want to experience things outside my comfort zone,” he shared.

This was later followed by an early morning post from Ohmyv33nus, also stating that she will be leaving Tier One and Blacklist.

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Fans’ speculations

As four Tier One talents left their divisions, many fans began to guess what prompted the players to drop out of the team in the first place.

For some, they believe that this timed resignation is a sign of rebranding.

“Something is fishy. Midlaner Yue, Exp Edward, Jungler Wise and Roamer Vee. I think it’s a buy-out team and all they need is a notable Gold Laner. I guess they’re transferring to a new and big organization. Correct me if I’m wrong,” one ML fan commented their guess.

“New team na this,” another online user assumed.

Meanwhile, other members of the online gaming community had a different speculation amid an upcoming game titled “Honor of Kings (HOK)” is emerging mainstream.

Similar to Mobile Legends, HOK is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) available on mobile platforms.

“[This is] The downfall of mobile legends. HOK will be the game changer,” an online user commented.

“Baka malaki offer ng Honor Of Kings,” another said.

“[Mag]-Honor of Kings na sila. Hindi rin biro magpa-rank up. Gold ka pa lang pahirapan na haha,” another Pinoy suggested.

The former Blacklist players have yet to confirm the fans’ speculations and have yet to share their next plans in the esports league.