This Mother’s Day video delves into the reality of co-parenting

May 13, 2023 - 3:36 PM

Whether in a solo or co-parenting situation, moms and mother figures would do what it takes to ensure their child’s welfare.

Mothers are independent, strong and reliable by nature but when it comes to raising a child, the strongest moms know that they also need a reliable support system to make things work.

In Celebration of Mother’s Day, PLDT Home released a story video last May 11 that delves into the reality of co-parenting.

The heartwarming video, starring real-life celebrity couple Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles, narrates the story of two separated parents who are navigating the challenges of caring for a new baby.

Kim portrays Michelle, a mom who juggles child-caring with her work, while Jerald plays Jigo, who is trying his best to co-parent despite their strained relationship.

In the story video, Jigo offers assistance to care for his child and expresses willingness to adapt to the possibility of a healthy co-parenting arrangement.

This Mother’s Day video underscores the importance of support for mothers, especially from co-parents.

Through this, PLDT Home honors hardworking mothers and mother figures. It also reaffirmed its “commitment to promote safe spaces and foster stronger connections within the family at home.”

The story video featuring KimJe, can be viewed on YouTube. It has so far garnered over 404,470 views and 128 likes on the video-sharing platform. —Rosette Adel