Derek Ramsay, Chris Hemsworth star in 2023 version of ‘Pare, pulis ako’ ad

June 20, 2023 - 7:48 PM

Do you remember the anti-film piracy ad of Derek Ramsay dubbed “Pare, pulis ako”?

The Filipino actor recreated this anti-piracy video campaign with Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth to promote the latter’s new film “Extraction 2.”

In the 2023 version, Derek could be seen chasing a man who is attempting to open a car at a mall parking. He bumps into a person who is holding a pile of papers and another carrying a grocery bag with tomatoes.

The imagery of tomatoes was noticeable in the first version of the anti-film piracy ad.

As Derek continues to chase the car theft, he ended up in a hotel room where Chris could be seen dealing with the theft and placing the latter on handcuff.

Chris then asks Derek who the latter is upon the Filipino actor’s entry to the room. Derek then introduces himself as a policeman. “Pulis ako,” he said.

The video ended with Derek thanking Chris and the two doing the fist bump gesture.

“Salamat,” Derek blurted out.

The video was uploaded by Netflix Philippines across its social media channels on Monday.

It was captioned “Chris Hemsworth and Derek Ramsay are the Action Duo We Need | Extraction 2.”

On YouTube, the “Pulis ako video” has amassed 43,000 views. It has also garnered 4.3 million views and 764,000 views on Facebook and Twitter, respectively.

Chris visited the Philippines in early June to kick off the global tour of “Extraction 2.” He was with film director Sam Hargrave.

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The two attended the “Extraction 2” Asia Pacific press conference, fan meet as well as the red carpet premiere in Manila.

Derek also graced the red carpet event.

“Extraction 2” premiered on Netflix last June 16. It is so far among the top 10 films in the Philippines.