Online shopping goes deadly in South Korean thriller ‘Target’

October 20, 2023 - 5:53 PM

What if you unknowingly bought an item online from a… pyscho killer?

This is the predicament of ordinary office worker Soo-hyun (Shin Hae-Sun), who finds herself falling for a deal while online shopping in the South Korean thriller “Target.”

Bent on saving costs amid the skyrocketing prices of goods, Soo-hyun comes across a second-hand washing machine online, only for her to be scammed.

Anger and annoyance drive her to track the seller’s account and leave warnings of him being a fraudster under all of his posts to stop him from selling and victimizing other buyers.

However, this move quickly backfires as she begins to face anonymous threats, receive strange texts and get deliveries at that home she has not placed.

Paranoia and despair to escape the criminal’s watch soon take over Soo-hyun as the psycho killer grows extremely relentless in targeting her.

Shin Hye-Sun in TARGET
Still from “Target” (Warner Bro. Pictures/Released)
Shin Hye-Sun in TARGET_2
Still from “Target” (Warner Bro. Pictures/Released)
Shin Hae-sun in Target
Still from “Target” (Warner Bro. Pictures/Released)

The crime thriller is a cautionary tale based on the actual police reports of real-life experiences of buyers who fell prey to scams of organized online crimes.

It features an ensemble cast featuring Korea’s most talented stars who have gained global following and acclaim with their works in highly-engaging and popular dramas.

These are Shin Hae-Sun (“Collectors”, “Mr. Queen” and “Still 17”), Kim Sung-kyun (“Reply 1988,” “Moving”) and Kang Tae-oh (“Extraordinary Attorney Woo”), among others.

Kang Tae-Oh and Kim Sung Kyun in TARGET
Still from “Target” (Warner Bro. Pictures/Released)
Kang Tae-Oh and Kim Sung Kyun star in TARGET
Still from “Target” (Warner Bro. Pictures/Released)

The thriller is directed by Park Hee-kon, who is noted for the Korean sports drama film “Perfect Play.”

According to him, he wants to create a story where the reality is the movie and point out that anyone can be exposed to danger.

“The audience will be captivated by the main character, whose life is destroyed by a second-hand transaction, and the intense suspense and thrills of the chase until her suffocating confrontation with a mysterious, unidentifiable killer,” the filmmaker said.

To achieve its realistic impression on the audience, Park met with various police officers and detectives to learn about the process of arresting criminals and the difficulties they faced in the process.

“Target” is now showing in various cinemas nationwide.