WATCH | Cops hunt man in viral Muntinlupa video beating dog to death


Law enforcers have mobilized to look for a man in a video clip that showed him beating a neighbor’s pet dog, named Seven, to death in Muntinlupa City.

The suspect, identified as a certain Michael Buboy Putog (alias JR), who was apparently drunk at the time, even issued grave threats against the master of the dog.

Redge Espanilla, the dog’s human companion, managed to record a video clip while appealing to JR to stop the cruelty, but the man did not heed her until the animal was beaten to death with a 2″ x 2″ wood club.

The traumatized Espanilla, who is one the family way, said JR’s violence caused damage to the household, and she was unable to return home right away for fear of the man and his threats.

The incident has been reported to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, and the suspect stands liable for a fine of up to P100,000 and possible two-year jail time.