Anne Curtis claps back after getting judged over an Instagram post

July 5, 2018 - 5:07 PM
Anne Curtis shared a picture on her Instagram that featured her asking people to donate for a cause by UNICEF. However, a critic claimed that she was just doing it for the "publicity." (Instagram/annecurtissmith)

Anne Curtis defended herself after some of her Instagram followers criticized her for doing charity work out of “publicity.”

The actress shared a picture of herself on Instagram asking for monetary donations on a commercial flight wearing a UNICEF shirt.

She has been a celebrity advocate of the United Nations Children’s Fund Philippines — or UNICEF — since 2015.

Based on her caption, she did it for UNICEF Philippines’ Change for Good program with the participation of Cebu Pacific airlines.

While a majority commended her, one Instagram user mentioned that she’s just doing it out of “publicity.”

But perhaps to the surprise of the critic, the actress replied that she’s doing it to support the program and its cause.

“With all due respect madam, trust me, I do my own part and donate from my own pocket on many other different occasions to UNICEF and my own foundation Dream Machine BUT for this specific project, the main goal is using where I am to INSPIRE others to do good and donate loose change—only IF THEY CAN,” Curtis wrote.

Anne Curtis’ critic on Instagram and her response.

She repeated what she originally wrote in the caption, saying that she hopes future Cebu Pacific flights would eventually instruct their respective flight attendants to do same.

To prove that she is sincere, Anne recalled how she went to Northern Samar last year under the same program.

A previous report noted that she and Cebu Pacific cabin crew members joined the local government unit and UNICEF Philippines to offer prenatal, immunization and nutrition services to mothers and children.

The actress continued:

“This program alone has raised 40 million pesos and has helped children all over the Philippines.

“So yes, I am proud to be part of a project that is making a difference in this world and will continue to use my social media platforms to raise awareness and help inspire others to make a difference in the world and to help our fellow countrymen.”

Anne ended her comment with a wish for the critic to board a flight so she can donate to the cause as well.

Being a UNICEF celebrity advocate 

Anne has been UNICEF Philippines’ celebrity advocate for children since March 2015. Apparently, she has been a supporter of the organization itself since 2009.

UNICEF’s celebrity advocate program taps influential people who have shown themselves to be committed in improving the lives of children prior to their appointment.

Anne Curtis performing in United Nation’s celebration of its 70th anniversary in October 2015. (Philstar/Efigenio Toledo IV)

When Anne was appointed to the position, UNICEF Philippines representative Lotta Sylwander said, “Anne has been a steady supporter of UNICEF since 2009. UNICEF Philippines welcomes her as a celebrity advocate.”

“We trust that with her popularity and large following, Anne will play a significant role in drawing due attention to issues affecting the most vulnerable, marginalized and underserved children.”

In April 2018, Anne ran 42 kilometers for the London Marathon—which nearly made her give up when she reached the 20-kilometer mark. Its proceeds went to UNICEF for its funds for children affected by the months-long battle in Marawi City.