5 captivating roles of Hallyu heartthrob Song joong-ki

February 5, 2021 - 6:32 PM
This composite shows Korean actor Song joong-ki in "Arthdal," "Descendants of the Sun" and "Nice Guy" (Netflix/Released)

Korean heartthrob Song Joong-ki has brought to life various roles after debuting in 2008 through several films and shows.

This month, he is set to return with a film and a new series “Space Sweepers” and “Vincenzo” which will be available for streaming on Netflix.

During the “Space Sweepers” Asia Pacific press conference last Tuesday, Song Joong-ki shared that he used to take on roles where he is always covered in mud and dirt. However, he revealed that he is taking these roles because his characters have the “warmest heart.”

Here are five of his swoon-worthy roles that captivated Hallyu fans worldwide:

Maru on ‘Nice Guy’

Still from “Nice Guy” (Netflix/Released)

Nice Guy was Song Joong-ki’s first drama as the main lead where he played “Maru.” While he was already popular for his appearance in other well-love dramas, movies and variety show, this 2012 series also known as “The Innocent Man,” was pivotal in his career.

His character Maru was a kind medical student who sacrifices everything for the woman he loves but eventually transformed  into a man on a dark path seeking revenge against the woman who betrayed him.

Yoo Shi-jin on ‘Descendants of the Sun’

Still from Descendants of the Sun (Netflix/Released)

After serving his military service, Song Joong-ki returned with Descendants of the Sun, where he seamlessly transform into Special Forces Captain Yoo Si-jin.

Since this was his post military role, he managed to show his mature side which is not his usual “flower boy” image. For this, he captivated funs with his bravery, honor and wit.

Eunseom and Saya on ‘Arthdal Chronicles’

Still from “Arthdal Chronicles” (Netflix/Released)

In 2019, Song Joong-ki took on two different characters named Eunseom and Saya in the fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles.

This was among his most unique roles as it is a story of  various individuals and tribes seeking power in the ancient land of Arth, mostly unheard of among K-dramas.

Kim Tae-Ho on ‘Space Sweepers’

Still from “Space Sweepers” (Netflix/Released)

On Friday, Song Joong-ki’s space blockbuster movie Space Sweepers premiered on Netflix.

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He portrays the role of pilot Kim Tae-ho who is willing to do anything for money.

Set in the year 2092, Kim Tae-ho and his fellow Victory spaceship misfits chase after space debris for a living. They inadvertently come across a dangerous humanoid and attempt to make a large profit through a dangerous trade.

This is his second project with Jo Sung-hee following his 2012 “A Werewolf Boy.”

Song Joong-ki said he first knew of this sci-fi project ten years ago.

“I immediately thought I will do it,” he told the press last Tuesday.

“Back then the storyline was a little different from what it came to be,” he added.

Vincenzo Cassano on ‘Vincenzo’

Still from “Vincenzo” (Netflix/Released)

After “Space Sweepers,” Song Joong-ki’s new series “Vincenzo” will also debut starting February 20.

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For this drama series, he portrays Vincenzo Cassano who is a consigliere to an Italian mafia.

He returns to Korea in search of treasure hidden by the mafia, but accidentally gets embroiled in a lawsuit against an evil conglomerate. —Rosette Adel