‘Fabulous’: Lea Salonga all praise for P-pop group Alamat’s performance in ‘kbye’ music video

February 18, 2021 - 9:16 PM
A photo of Lea Salonga and the new male group Alamat (Interaksyon file photos)

Lea Salonga on Thursday praised the performance of a new local all-male group called Alamat in their debut music video called “kbye.”

Alamat, a nine-piece group under Viva Entertainment, made their official debut on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

As of writing, the music video has 273,438 views and the top 23 trending video on YouTube.

It soon caught the attention of Salonga, a celebrated international singer-actress.

In her tweet, Salonga tagged the group’s Twitter handle and wrote: “Whoaaaaa, this is FABULOUS!”

Alamat immediately noticed this and quote-retweeted her on their account.

“Alamat is overjoyed. Dakal a salamat pu. Madamo nga salamat,” read the tweet.

This brief interaction surprised the group’s fans.


“A legend noticed a potential legend,” another wrote.

Some of Salonga’s fans, meanwhile, went to YouTube to check out Alamat’s video.

“Lea Salonga’s tweet brought me here. She’s right, this is fabulous. They are fabulous!” one user commented in the video.

Aside from Salonga, some Filipinos also praised the group’s music. One Twitter user praised their singing in different Philippine languages.

While the song itself is about breakup, the lyrics incorporated seven Philippine languages: Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Waray-Waray, Bisaya, Bicolano, Kapampangan, and Ilocano.

The music video also features the traditional jeepney and festive banderitas or flags.

Viva introduced the group comprising stage names Taneo, Mo, Jao, Kin, Tomas, Ri-Ji, Valfer, Gami and Alas last November 5.

Their concept photos recently gained traction on Facebook for featuring different cultural elements in their outfits such as Yakan weaves, tattoos of ancient Visayan warriors, the Masskara festival of Bacolod City and the Barong Tagalog. 

In the photo series, the members also wore casual wear in bright colors that matched their hair colors.

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Alamat now joins other Pinoy pop acts such as SB19, BGYO and MNL48.