Ashley Gosiengfiao claims foreseeing Alodia, Wil Dasovich’s breakup before

November 16, 2021 - 4:21 PM
Ashley Gosiengfiao with Alodia and Will
Ashley Gosiengfiao in this photo taken by Dave Quiambao and shared on her Instagram on Sept. 19, 2021 and Will Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao celebrating Valentine's Day in February 2021. (Photos from Instagram/ashlili and wil_dasovich)

Gaming video creator Ashley Gosiengfiao admitted that she has foreseen her sister Alodia and Wil Dasovich breaking up through a tarot card reading before.

Alodia, who has been in a four-year relationship with the Filipino-American vlogger, announced on Facebook on Sunday that she is no longer with her significant other without dropping names.

“To those asking, wala na kame. It’s been a while. We tried to work things out many times but some things are not meant to be. I hope you respect our privacy during this time in our lives,” the cosplayer and gaming video creator wrote before.

She elaborated about the split in a gaming livestream on Monday where she said that the decision stems from incompatibility.

“The decision was because we’re not compatible, I guess,” Alodia was quoted as saying.

“To be honest, ‘di naman perfect relationship namin. It just looks like it. Behind the scenes, it’s different, I guess,” she added.

“‘Yung sentiment ko lang is ‘sayang.’ That’s all. Again, things happen for a reason. I trust that gut feeling na may better plan for the both of us. ‘Yon lang naiisip ko,” the streamer further said.

Alodia added that they had tried to work things out as a couple before finally going their separate ways.

“Wag nang pilitin kung ‘di naman talaga. It’s not meant to be. I mean, we tried naman, ‘di ba? So carry along. ‘Di naman end of the world,” she said.

Wil, on the other hand posted a Facebook status about “moving forward” a day after Alodia confirmed that they have broken up.

“Keep moving forward, because there is no other option. You can rest, you can eat, sleep, pray, do what you need to do to find your strength, and then when you are ready, we move again. We always move. If you stop moving, so does your life. Simple, yet powerful words from my Sherpa friends,” he wrote.

The two confirmed their relationship in 2018, a year after Alodia flew to the United States to show support to the vlogger who was then battling cancer.

Ashley, meanwhile, recently claimed in a tweet that she has foreseen their breakup.

A Twitter user on Monday responded to one of her posts where Ashley said that she used tarot cards to find out “what would happen to our country if Isko, Leni, BBM, Pacquiao, or Bato were to become president.”

The user, who is a critic of Vice President Leni Robredo, asked in the thread if Ashley has also predicted her own sister’s breakup with Wil, despite it being irrelevant to the original post.

“As a matter of fact, I did,” Ashley responded to the tweet.

“But was it necessary and my place to tell the world about a matter as private as that? No,” she added with a smiling face emoji.

Ashley shared screengrabs of the exchange on her Facebook page and shared a quip in reference to Bea Alonzo’s famous lines from the movie “Four Sisters and a Wedding” as Bobbie Salazar.

“Bakit parang… kasalanan ko?” she wrote with emojis.

Wil saw the post and responded in the comments section.

“Juskopo ‘yung tarot cards na ‘yan… I hate to admit it but it’s true on this one, Ashley knew way before and I remember nung time na ‘yan, looking at your mischievous face Ashley, na alam na alam kung anong nangyari without ever saying,” he wrote.

“Shucks… sana charot cards na lang, katakot na ‘yung nagigiging totoo lagi ang mga tarot cards,” Wil added with a smiling-face-with-tear emoji.

Ashley, apart from being a gaming video creator, is also into tarot reading. Reports said she had gotten certified at Mysterium Philippines, a tarot reading institution.