‘Fiesta po tayo’: Kim Molina enjoys food memes of milk bath photo

November 24, 2021 - 6:57 PM
Kim Molina_milk bath post
Kim Molina's picture edited by Abhie Vinzon Chanikarn (left), Kim Molina enjoying a milk bath as shared in her Facebook post on Nov. 22, 2021 (center) and Kim Molina's picture edited by Justine Mark Ballester (right).

It’s fiesta for actress-singer Kim Molina!

This, after several followers poked fun at her photo where she is captured taking a milk bath.

Online users edited Kim’s milk bath photo and turned it into food memes.

The milk bath photo was from her post on Monday.

She was photographed enjoying a bath in a health and wellness resort in Batangas with the caption: “Bilo bilo kayo dyaaaarn (hungry face emoji). My fave Milk bath at @thefarmatsanbenito (seedling emoji).”

A milk bath is said to soothe, hydrate and replenish the skin. It is also believed to exfoliate and treat skin inflamed from sunburns or rashes from poison ivy.

Kim then took notice of her fans’ edits as shared in the comments section and then posted them on her social media account.

Some edits made it appear as if she was in a bowl of mami, chicken broth, ramen, shrimp in coconut milk and Filipino vegetable stew, among others.

“TAWANG TAWA AKO SA MGA PA-EDIT ULAM NIYO!!! Hayuuufff!!! Hahahahahahha!!!” she wrote on the comments with a series of clapping hands emojis.

In another post, she quipped of having a “fiesta” due to the supposed abundance of meals.

“FIESTA PO TAYO, DAMING HANDA! (rolling-on-the-floor laughing emoji) Ang wi-witty niyo ih tawang tawa ako hayuuufff!! Hahahaha!! Keep safe mga lodi labs,” she wrote with a beating heart emoji.

Kim’s post has earned a whopping number of 23,000 likes and reactions on the social networking site as of writing.

Last year, a survey conducted by an international food website revealed that the Philippines was considered as the most “underrated” foodie destination in the world.

“This east Asian country rarely gets a mention in the top foodie destination lists,” an article from Chef’s Pencil reads.

“And that’s an awful shame as its cuisine is a unique fusion,” it added.

The article described Filipino cuisine as originally similar to Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines but “trade and migration [had] created a rich mix of cuisines.”

“This is an east-meets-west cuisine that truly deserves a visit,” it said.