‘I’ve since moved on’: Janno Gibbs claps back at Robredo critic

May 30, 2022 - 6:12 PM
Janno Gibbs
Janno Gibbs in this photo on his Instagram on May 4, 2022. (Instagram/jannolategibbs)

Actor-comedian Janno Gibbs‘ responses to criticisms against Vice President Leni Robredo, a former presidential candidate, caught the attention of social media users.

The actor on May 25 shared screenshots of a comment of an Instagram user who wrote the following on his post:

“Tell that to the Pinklawang t@€ last 2016, when Lening Lutang won by the skin of her teeth… how her trolls said, ‘Move on, huwag nang bitter at tanggapin na lang na talo na’… Now BBM won not just by the skin of his teeth, but winning by landslide, even if you multiply the votes of Lening Lutang by 2, still she loses… now you are telling us to ‘let us grieve,’ no f***** ¶way… Let us celebrate u****.. (laughing with tears emojis)”

Janno responded to him with the following:

“Remember when I posted this on May 9? It’s now May 25 and I’ve since moved on. Have you? FYI: Your candidate begged for a recount 3x. Ours did not, this time. Skin of her teeth or landslide, a win is a win, a loss is a loss. We have no petition or rallies for recount. You’ve finally won! But here you are, still b******.’ So who the f*** is bitter?”

“Also, tae and lutang are malicious, unjustified adjectives. Magnanakaw, on the other hand, is backed by legal data. I was impressed by your English! But you ended w/ U***! I guess that’s how far your vocabulary goes.”

The actor shared the exchange on the image-sharing platform with the caption: “I was done posting political views… but you keep coming back for more. Swipe for responses.”

Janno’s post has earned over 10,000 likes on Instagram as of this writing.

It also went viral on Twitter after a Filipino shared screengrabs of his post with the caption: “100 points for Janno Gibbs (fire emojis)”

The tweet has earned 19,700 likes and almost 2,700 retweets so far.

“Dasurv!!! (clapping hands emojis) why are they so obsessed???” a Filipino commented on Instagram, with laughing-with-tears emojis.

“Yeah. Pati IG nagkalat ‘yang mga ‘yan. I saw some sa post ni
@realedumanzano na hindi na lang sila pinansin kasi kung ano anong kabastusan ang pino-post ng mga ‘yan,” a Twitter user wrote, referring to Edu Manzano, another Robredo supporter.

“No chill, spitting facts,” another Twitter user said with a fire emoji.

“Facts backed by legal data >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> malicious, unjustified adjectives,” wrote a different Filipino, using the “greater than” symbol.

During the campaign period for the 2022 national elections, Janno released a satire video with Leo Martinez where the former assumed the persona of an unnamed presidential aspirant.

After the elections, he told the critics of Robredo’s supporters to allow the “Kakampinks” to “grieve” as the then partial and unofficial tally of the presidential race revealed that Ferdinand Marcos Jr, now president-elect, was leading among the candidates.