‘Sarah…Ang Munting Prinsesa’ stars Camille Prats, Angelica Panganiban reunite in ‘potato peeling’ vlog

August 15, 2022 - 5:12 PM

Sequel to the iconic “Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa?”

This was among the remarks of some social media users after former ’90s child actresses Camille Prats and Angelica Panganiban reunited in a vlog where they peeled potatoes.

Some ’90s kids got the reference of Angelica, who commented that the video will become “trending” since it features them once again peeling potatoes.

It is a reference to a viral Princess Sarah meme that features the animated versions of their character in the series “Princess Sara” (also spelled as “Princess Sarah”), where Becky is crying and being comforted by Sarah.

The meme, which has been circulating the internet more or less since 2014, includes a text which reads: “Tama na ang iyak, Becky. Magbabalat pa tayo ng patatas.”

In the animated series that aired in the Philippines in the ’90s, the characters of Sarah and Becky are often seen peeling potatoes.

Meanwhile, the reunion of Camille and Angelica in the vlog delighted ’90s kids who remembered the iconic animated series and its scenes.

“Becky at Sarah, nagsama muli para magbalat ng patatas! My batang ’90s heart is so happy! I can’t believe na pa-forty na ‘tong dalawang ‘to. Pati pala ako hahaha,” development worker Ben Bernabe tweeted, sharing a clip of the moment.

“Si Sarah and Becky!! Hahaha! Batang ’90s diyan. Sino pa nakakakilala sa kanila?” another Twitter user wrote.

“Ganda ng sequel ng Sarah ang Munting Prinsesa,” quipped another Pinoy.

“Nasaan si Ms. Minchin? Nakulong ba? Char,” another Twitter user joked, referencing another character, Miss Minchin, a headmistress and the story’s main antagonist.

In 1995, Camille and Angelica starred in the Filipino film “Sarah… Ang Munting Prinsesa.”

A young Camille played the titular role, while Angelica was given the role of Becky, a scullery maid who becomes Sarah’s friend in the story.

The film was an adaptation of the 1985 Japanese animated series, “Princess Sara or Sarah,” which was dubbed in Tagalog and aired on local channels in the ’90s. The series eventually became a source of memes of Filipinos on social media.

The animated series was based on the 1905 children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, “A Little Princess.”

The novel tells the story of a rich young girl named Sara Crewe, who becomes a servant at an English boarding school after her father’s death.