Vice Ganda wows viewers after reciting parts of Philippine Constitution in ‘It’s Showtime’

September 1, 2022 - 3:41 PM
Vice Ganda_Its Showtime
A screengrab of Vice Ganda and Ogie Alcasid in "It's Showtime's" Miss Q&A segment aired on Aug. 31, 2022. (Screengrab from YouTube/ABS-CBN Entertainment)

Comedian Vice Ganda‘s sudden recitation of some parts of the 1987 Philippine Constitution in a noontime television show caught the attention of the local online community.

The television host on Wednesday impressed viers when he gave a definition of law, recited the preamble of the Constitution and enumerated some of its articles.

During the August 31 episode, Adha Stone, a contestant from “It’s Showtime’s” Miss Q and A segment, shared her dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Vice then asked Adha, “Preparatory to law… what is law?”

Adha opted for a humorous answer but the comedian answered it seriously.

“A law is a system of rules that governs the conduct of men in an organized society,” Vice said.

“And the most basic and fundamental, and supreme law of the land is called the Constitution,” he added.

The comedian then recited the preamble of the 1987 Philippine Constitution from memory and mentioned some of its articles.

A clip of the moment was shared on social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok.

One Twitter post earned a whopping number of 15,500 likes so far.

Vice’s spiel impressed Filipinos, with some jesting that he made them feel ashamed since they could not recite some parts of the Constitution from memory alone.

“Caught Vice Ganda on Showtime today citing the entire preamble of the Philippine Constitution, and the different article heading sections from I to IX. Bigla akong nahiya bilang Pilipino,” an investment banker tweeted.

“Vice Ganda reciting the preamble made my 1st year posc [political science] student self shake. Vice Ganda reciting the articles under the 1987 Constitution made my consti rev [Constitutional Law Review] student self anxious. Galinga oy!” another Twitter user wrote.

“But I want to commend Vice for this, (as a graduate of Human Resource na may konting background sa law), nahiya ako ng very light. HAHA,” commented another Pinoy.

“As a pol. sci [political science] student @vicegandako, is commendable. This is one of the requirements in our program. Vice is very intelligent, knowing that she was a law student,” wrote a different Twitter user.

Before entering showbiz, Vice was a political science student at Far Eastern University who hoped to pursue a career in law.

“Marami akong nakabisado na nare-recite ko pa ngayon at tsaka nasha-share ko. Meron akong mga mangilan-ngilan na laws na alam,” he shared in a CandyMag interview last year.

The comedian said that they were made to religiously memorize laws as political science majors.

He did not finish college and pursued a different career path.