Jollibee has this to say about Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda’s viral endorsement convo

January 22, 2024 - 2:20 PM
Anne Curtis
Anne Curtis in this photo from her Instagram on Jan. 13, 2024 (annecurtissmith/Instagram)

The fast food chain which “It’s Showtime” host Anne Curtis is an endorser of played cool after social media users called out fellow host Vice Ganda for letting her say a tagline of its rival brand.

Jollibee Philippines on Sunday responded to a post from Anne who appealed to online Filipinos to calm down after calling out Vice who made her say McDonald’s Philippines‘ current tagline on television, “Nice, ganda!”

The tagline is inspired by its current celebrity endorser, Vice Ganda.

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In the January 20 episode of “It’s Showtime,” specifically on the “EXpecially For You” segment, Vice suddenly exclaimed,” Nice! Ganda!”

Anne, meanwhile, only said, “Ganda!”

She was about to say something else when her co-host prodded her to say, “Nice! Ganda!”

Anne obliged and then Vice immediately exclaimed, “Ay!”

Anne also noticed it and said it was “bad.”

“Ay, bad ‘yun sa akin!” she exclaimed. “Sorry po, pasensya na po kayo, hindi ko po sinasadya ‘yun.”

Anne then turned to Vice and said, “Ikaw, ‘pag nawalan ako ng kontrata… Pasensya na po kayo, ‘di ko po sinasadya. Lapse of judgement, sorry.”

Vice defended the action, but her co-host continued to talk about it.

“‘Pag ako nawalan, bayaran mo ‘yun…” Anne said.

“Imposible, imposible,” Vice answered and then laughed. “Bayaran ko daw!”

“Kasi ‘pag siningil ako dun ng ano… baka makatanggap ako ng warning, girl,” Anne said, referring to her endorsement deal with Jollibee.

A clip of it has gone viral on the X (formerly Twitter) platform, where it has earned 12.4 million views.

Others commented noticing that Anne evidently appeared to be “nervous” about her contract deal, while some called out Vice for being “insensitive” about her co-host.

“I’m all for laughs pero medyo off ‘tong ginawa ni @vicegandako,” a Pinoy wrote.

“Off mo naman dito, @vicegandako. Parang ‘di naman alam ang salitang contract and respect,” another user commented.

On Sunday, Anne addressed her viral clip and told social media users that there was “no need for such negative energy.”

“Vice and I are fine. It was a lapse of judgment on both sides. At least we can move forward and be keyrfuul [careful]. Ganyan ang biriun backstage but siyempre, dapat iba ‘pag on air. Kaya kalma. It’s a beautiful day,” she wrote on January 21.

“Gawin na lang #BidaAngSaya every day! (sparkling emojis) HAHAHAHA!” Anne added, referencing Jollibee’s longtime tagline.

The homegrown fast food chain acknowledged her post hours later.

“We (heart hands emoji) you, Anne! Best friends pa rin tayo! (rolling-on-the-floor laughing emoji) #BEEdaAngSaya,” Jollibee said in a quote.

The fast food chain’s post has earned 22,000 likes so far.

Meanwhile, Vice joked that Anne was a “killjoy” for addressing the issue but admitted that it was a “lapse of judgment.”

“It was our usual ‘brandagulan’ moment na late [niya] na-realize, so nasabi [niya ‘yung] tagline [nang] ‘di niya namalayan. I apologized to her and pinagtawanan [na lang] namin. Our sisterhood will always be Nice, Ganda!” Vice commented on Anne’s post.

The comedian followed it up with a more sober post minutes later.

“I put Anne in an uncomfortable situation. Wrong. Sorry,” Vice said.

Vice is currently McDonald’s Philippines’ endorser, while Anne endorses its major fast food rival, Jollibee.

The two brands are the biggest fast food establishments in the country, with both offering fried chicken and burgers, among others, to the market.

Jollibee was founded in 1975 initially as an ice cream parlor, while McDonald’s arrived in the Philippines in 1981.