‘No lies detected’: Jameela Jamil has this to say about Paolo Ballesteros’ look on ‘Drag Race PH’

September 2, 2022 - 12:20 PM
Composite photo of a still image of Paolo Ballesteros on "Drag Race Philippines" and Jameela Jamil (Twitter/Jameela Jamil)

Hollywood actress Jameela Jamil praised Paolo Ballesteros‘ look that resembled her in a teaser video of “Drag Race Philippines.”

Paolo, who is known for his impressive makeup transformations and impersonations of Hollywood celebrities, is the main host and one of the judges of the Philippine edition of the American reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

When episode 4 of “Drag Race Philippines” concluded last Wednesday, a sneak preview of the next one was shown.

One of the scenes in the teaser showed Paolo in a green, glittery outfit with a large black wig that went all the way to his shoulders.

Twitter user @nyelstrada shared a still image of this scene on Twitter. The user then quipped that the producers invited Jameela to judge next week’s runway challenge.

“They got the legendary Jameela Jamil to judge next week! #DragRacePH,” the user tweeted.

The tweet gained traction on the micro-blogging platform. It currently has 5,719 likes, 195 quote-retweets and 410 retweets.

Jameela soon saw this post and responded by uploading two photos, juxtaposing her photo with Paolo.

This tweet reply has since garnered 3,041 likes, 174 quote-retweets and 262 retweets.

“No lies detected… I don’t know why people are laughing. I think she looks great,” she tweeted with a clap emoji.

Jameela, who stars in “The Good Place” and “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,” was referring to some online users who seemed to laugh at the main post via the quote retweets.


Some responded and explained that the online users are not laughing at how the drag looks.

“They’re not laughing at how the drag looks Jameela. It’s just more to do with our culture’s humor. The person doing the drag is a [known] tv host/comedian and we know Pao is fabulous just like you! It’s all in good fun,” a Twitter user said. 

Jameela then responded anew and said “I love it all!”

Meanwhile, the original uploader of the tweet on Jameela was elated after seeing the actress’ response.

“OMG Jameela I love youuu,” the online user said.

Jameela then replied with three heart emojis.

Aside from acting, the 36-year-old celebrity is also a well-known women’s rights activist in the United States.